Dan Meuser on Government Reform



For Congressional term limits and ban on earmarks

As a member of Congress, I will pursue and introduce legislation which will begin to Drain the Swamp in our Nation's Capitol: Implement Real Regulatory Reform. Enact Congressional Term Limits: 5 terms for members of Congress (10 years), 2 terms for U.S. Senate (12 years). Support a Permanent Ban on Earmarks.
Source: 2018 Congress PA-9 election website MeuserForCongress.com , Oct 9, 2018

Voter ID to ensure that one person only gets one vote

Q: If elected, what will you do to ensure that the voting rights of all Americans are protected and that our elections are accessible and secure from internal and external threats?

Dan Meuser: Ensuring the sanctity of our electoral process is the backbone of our democracy. That is why I believe it is important to implement reforms to protect from voter and election fraud. I support Voter ID requirements that will ensure that one person only gets one vote and that illegal immigrants are not casting ballots, especially in light of recent election-related crimes that took place in the city of Philadelphia.

As for protecting our elections from internal and external threats, our country must catch up to the dangers that new technologies have brought to our society. The Federal government must use all available resources to ensure that our elections and voting machines cannot be hacked. In doing so, we must ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast a ballot freely and without coercion.

Source: League of Women Voters Q&A on 2018 Congress PA-9 election , Sep 9, 2018

No holiday on election day; no same-day registration.

Meuser voted NAY For the People Act of 2019