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Click on the 2012 PVS Surveys below for summaries of politicians' issue stances....

2012 PVS Survey>>
Ratings on members of 114th and 115th Congress (Non-profit groups' candidate evaluations)
Bill sponsorships, 2015-2016 (114th Congress major legislation)
Bill sponsorships, 2013-2014 (113th Congress major legislation)
Ratings on members of 112th and 113th Congress (Non-profit groups' evaluations of voting records 2011-2014)
Early bills from 113th Congress. Bill sponsorships and letters from early in 2013 in the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and Governors.
2013 incoming House Freshmen surveys. Newly elected U.S. House members from the 2012 elections, rated by numerous organizations. (Same without older survey comparisons)
2012 Christian Coalition voter guide. Newly elected candidates from the 2012 House, Senate, and Gubernatorial elections.
2012 Project Vote Smart: Congressional Political Courage Test.
Bills and ratings from 111th Congress and earlier (Bills 2009-2010 and earlier)
Surveys 2011: Latest survey update through 2011.
Surveys: Collection of all surveys in one summary.
2010 Christian Coalition voter guide. From the 2010 Congressional and Gubernatorial elections.
2010 voter guide. From "the nation's largest network of pro-family groups."
2010 Project Vote Smart: Congressional Political Courage Test.
Contract From America: 2010 House candidates' set of campaign pledges.
Contract With America: 1994 House candidates' set of campaign pledges.some
Additional Surveys and Notebooks.

Older Notebook archives:
2008 Presidential contenders
2008 Senate Signature Issues
2001-2012 Caucus Memberships / Affiliations
2000-2006 Group Ratings
1999-2007 Congressional Member Surveys
1999-2004 Public Letters
1998-2001 Resolutions
1994-2005 Policy Reports
1992-2000 Court Rulings
1990s-2008 Bill Sponsorships

Bill Sponsorships by 2008 Presidential Contenders:
Sen. Hillary Clinton
Sen. John McCain
Sen. Barack Obama
Rep. Ron Paul

Former Gov. Mitt Romney (R, MA)
No Apology
Rep. Paul Ryan (R, WI)
Young Guns
Pres. Barack Obama
The Audacity of Hope
V.P. Joe Biden
Promises to Keep
Former Rep. Ron Paul
End the Fed

Former Pres. George W. Bush
Decision Points
Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R, AK)
America By Heart
Secy. of State Hillary Clinton
Living History
Former Pres. Bill Clinton
My Life
Gov. Jesse Ventura
American Conspiracies

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Following are issue stance summaries by Project Vote Smart's 2012 "Congressional Political Courage Test". These represent the organization's inferred summary of numerous candidates' policy stances. Project Vote Smart, a non-partisan group, asks candidates to respond to their Political Courage Test, but most do not reply, so their answers are inferred. In 2012, of the 78 newcomers to the House of Representatives, only 9 had "100% Courage" (to use Project Vote Smart's term) -- that's only 11%. Some of those newcomers -- another 14 -- had previousy answered an earler year's National Political Awareness Test, bringing the response rate for newcomers to 29% total. Most of the rest of the 78 newcomers have "inferred" answers (which is the same process that OnTheIssues uses); we include those inferences here.

Those who DO reply to the Political Courage Test get excerpted on our 2012 Congressional NPAT page, using the alternative title, "National Political Awareness Test.")

Votes which include "VoteMatch Usage" are scored as VoteMatch quiz responses. Those without a VoteMatch usage are included only on each candidate's main issues page.

Other organizational candidate surveys: (more detailed lists to left)
Major legislation: 2015-16 2013-14 2009-11
Group ratings: 2014-16 2012-14 2010-11
Group Pledges: 2010 1994 ...more
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) I consider myself pro-life or (2) I consider myself pro-choice Participating counts on VoteMatch question 1. Democrats: 29
Republicans: 26
Independents: 0

Budget & Economy
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports federal stimulus spending or (2) Opposes federal stimulus spending (Not used in VoteMatch) Democrats: 27
Republicans: 24
Independents: 0

Civil Rights
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports same-sex marriage or (2) Opposes same-sex marriage Participating counts on VoteMatch question 3. Democrats: 30
Republicans: 21
Independents: 0

Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports tax incentives for job creation or (2) Opposes tax incentives for job creation (Not used in VoteMatch) Democrats: 19
Republicans: 18
Independents: 0

Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports federal grants for education reforms or (2) Opposes federal grants for education reforms Participating counts on VoteMatch question 7. Democrats: 4
Republicans: 16
Independents: 0

Energy & Oil
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports regulating greenhouse gas emissions or (2) Opposes regulating greenhouse gas emissions Participating counts on VoteMatch question 18. Democrats: 14
Republicans: 11
Independents: 0
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports offshore energy production or (2) Opposes offshore energy production Participating counts on VoteMatch question 18. Democrats: 8
Republicans: 17
Independents: 0

Gun Control
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports restrictions on gun purchases or (2) Opposes restrictions on gun purchases Participating counts on VoteMatch question 10. Democrats: 22
Republicans: 20
Independents: 0

Health Care
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports repealing ObamaCare or (2) Opposes repealing ObamaCare Participating counts on VoteMatch question 5. Democrats: 30
Republicans: 27
Independents: 0

Homeland Security
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports targeting suspected terrorists or (2) Opposes targeting suspected terrorists Participating counts on VoteMatch question 14. Democrats: 4
Republicans: 5
Independents: 0
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports reducing defense spending or (2) Opposes reducing defense spending Participating counts on VoteMatch question 15. Democrats: 15
Republicans: 17
Independents: 0

Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports exiting US to apply for citizenship or (2) Opposes exiting US to apply for citizenship Participating counts on VoteMatch question 12. Democrats: 27
Republicans: 11
Independents: 0

Social Security
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports personal retirement accounts or (2) Opposes personal retirement accounts Participating counts on VoteMatch question 6. Democrats: 18
Republicans: 8
Independents: 0

Tax Reform
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports an income tax increase or (2) Opposes an income tax increase Participating counts on VoteMatch question 11. Democrats: 29
Republicans: 23
Independents: 0

War & Peace
Public NoteVote descriptionVoteMatch UsageParticipants
on Aug 30, 2012
(1) Supports combat operations in Afghanistan or (2) Opposes combat operations in Afghanistan Participating counts on VoteMatch question 17. Democrats: 15
Republicans: 10
Independents: 0


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