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Jesse Ventura MyOcracy topics and responses

    Criminal Justice

    Use of treatment centers for violators of criminal laws targeting drug-use

  • 2010-03-08: Banks & prison-industrial complex gets rich on the drug war
  • 2008-04-01: Treat marijuana like we treat alcohol and tobacco
  • 2000-07-02: Drug War fails like Prohibition did
  • 2000-07-02: Drug addiction is a health problem, not a crime
  • 1999-01-01: The war on drugs has failed; look for other solutions
  • 1999-01-01: Stop being so afraid of marijuana; some uses are OK
  • 1998-10-05: Rethink approach to drugs; more of the same fails
  • 1998-10-05: Jail won`t work when we can`t even keep drugs out of prisons

    Civil Rights

    Support for gun control measures

  • 2000-07-02: Gun responsibility goes with gun rights
  • 1999-01-01: Guns are designed to kill; respect them
  • 1999-01-01: If you`re going to own a gun, know what you`re doing
  • 1998-11-01: Concealed weapons OK if you can pass safety exam

    Prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

  • 2008-04-01: Equal state benefits for gay employees and partners
  • 2000-12-10: Respect diversity, both cultural and lifestyle

    Abortion rights: Women should choose

  • 2008-04-01: Vetoed 4-hour waiting period for abortions
  • 1998-11-01: Abortion decision belongs with the woman and who she chooses

    Support marriage rights between same-sex individuals

  • 2008-04-01: Civil unions for gays AND hetero couples

    Economic Issues

    Taxes for wealthier tax payers: Less

  • 2000-07-02: Government is no bottomless pit of money-it`s from you & me
  • 2000-07-02: Repeal the 16th Amendment
  • 1999-01-01: Return any budget surpluses to the taxpayers automatically
  • 1999-01-01: Let people keep as much of their money as possible
  • 1999-01-01: $600 Jesse Checks tax rebate to every taxpayer
  • 1998-11-01: Supports national consumption tax to equalize tax burden

    Implement national sales tax instead of income-based tax code

  • 2000-07-02: Replace income with national sales tax
  • 1999-01-01: Replace income tax with 15% national sales tax

    Education Issues

    Oppose school vouchers

  • 2000-07-10: Public dollars belong to public schools
  • 1998-11-01: Public schools are inefficient; but fix them, don`t end them
  • 1998-02-10: Choosing private school includes responsility to pay

    Increase per pupil funding

  • 2000-12-10: Erase the word voucher from the vocabulary
  • 1999-01-01: Commonsense steps to improve public education

    Reduce federal government involvement with public education

  • 1999-01-01: Loosen federal control; leave more to state & locals

    Environmental Issues

    Eliminate tax incentives and/or subsidies to the fossil fuel industry

  • 2011-04-04: Military agrees: climate change represents a serious threat
  • 2000-12-10: Competitive electricity pricing; include alternative energy
  • 2000-12-10: Develop light rail tranist for Minnesota
  • 2000-07-02: Overcome dependency on foreign oil
  • 2000-07-02: Subsidize ethanol like we subsidize oil
  • 1998-11-01: Recycling conserves our limited resources
  • 1998-10-15: Teach environment in grade schools

    Oppose cap-and-trade programs to address industrial emissions

  • 2000-08-15: Kyoto Treaty must include reductions by all countries

    Healthcare Issues

    Reduce government involvement in the provision of health insurance for taxpayers

  • 2000-12-10: Individual responsibility for unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • 2000-12-10: Focus on prevention, children, and results
  • 2000-07-02: No national care, but pure capitalism can`t work
  • 1998-11-01: Government interference should be kept to a minimum

    Lower eligibility age for Medicare to increase coverage of older taxpayers

  • 1999-10-14: Maintain Medicare funding of HMO benefits


    Provide amnesty for undocumented individuals

  • 2008-04-01: Great Wall of China failed; so will the Great Wall of the US
  • 2000-07-02: Official English leads to Official Christianity
  • 2000-07-02: Immigration is an integral part of who we are
  • 1998-11-01: Grant legal immigrants all benefits of citizens

    Oppose amnesty for undocumented individuals

  • 1998-11-01: Emergency medical, but no other services, for illegal imms.


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