Kelly Armstrong on Government Reform



Require Congress to approve major regulations

The federal government has bloated to an unsustainable level. Even now Washington bureaucrats continue to pump out regulation that stifles business, infringes on our states' rights, and costs our taxpayers dearly. Kelly introduced the REINS Act which requires federal agencies to submit major regulations to Congress for approval and guarantees that no major regulation becomes effective until Congress approves it.
Source: 2018 ND-0 House campaign website ArmstrongND.com , May 12, 2020

Keep ND's no voter registration, but secure elections

We're the only state in the nation without voter registration. We have the easiest access to the polls of any state in the country and we want to keep that. I would prefer every single person in North Dakota voting. It's the foundation of this country. We need to make sure that our elections are safe and secure, that people know their votes are being counted accurately. If you lose that, you lose way more than any one election.
Source: Wahpeton Daily News on 2019 ND-0 House incumbent , Feb 27, 2019

No holiday on election day; no same-day registration.

Armstrong voted NAY For the People Act of 2019