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Exempt military pensions from state tax

To stay ahead of our competition and keep breaking those jobs records, we must keep sharpening our economic development tools to give us the flexibility to attract more capital investment and more people to locate here. I will once again pursue exempting military pensions from our state income taxes so we can attract and retain talented patriotic veterans--who we know are some of the most experienced, focused and loyal workers anywhere.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to Indiana legislature , Jan 15, 2019

Stop funneling Hoosier tax money through federal czars

[I recommend] policies that ignite private sector economic growth, not higher taxes and more borrowing. Government that serves best is the government that serves from the bottom up . Trickle down government from Washington DC continues to fail us. We must shift the power away from bureaucrats in Washington and return it back to the people, closest to home, where it rightly belongs. Taxing people in Indiana, sending our money to czars in Washington DC, then having them tell Hoosiers what we deserve to get back is both wasteful and wrong. The federal government should focus on renewing its commitment to its constitutional role, not on interfering with states that are addressing their challenges successfully on their own way!
Source: 2016 Senate campaign website, HolcombForIndiana.com , Oct 1, 2015

Simplifying the 75,000-page tax code would lead to growth

Likewise, to make America safer, stronger and freer we must become the pre-eminent global jobs magnet. When a start-up wants to join the ranks of the global economy or a manufacturer wants to expand, I want their product to be stamped "Made In America." We can do that around the country just as we have in Indiana by removing barriers that hinder job creation. My wife, Janet, sees it every day in the small family manufacturing business she helps to run in Summitville. Less Washington-driven regulation and a simplification of the nearly 75,000-page tax code would lead to much needed growth and innovation for those who create jobs for others.

Another important way to make America safer, stronger and freer is by acknowledging that a bloated federal government, trickle-down-approach is not solving problems, only delaying them. We need to return to the day when states closest to the people best handled their business and there was respect for the rule of law.

Source: Holcomb's Kokomo Tribune OpEd on 2016 Indiana Senate race , Jul 9, 2015

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