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The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin
What She Believes and What It Means for America

by Stephen Mansfield, Sept. 21, 2010

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BOOK REVIEW by OnTheIssues.org:

This book offers a biography of Sarah Palin from a faith perspective. For faith-based readers, the book offers a detailed account of Palin's religious roots and her current beliefs. For secular readers, the book offers a good introduction to the many faith-based concepts that helped form Palin's character.

The authors conclude that Palin is the real thing: the epitome of a common-sense conservative with a red-state upbringing leading to a faith-based philosophy both in her politics and in her life. The authors address how Palin is scoffed at by the media elite (p. 4) -- and the "well-fed right" (p. 107) -- for exactly that common-sense conservatism.

The elite scoff at Palin for the same reason that red-state America adores her: she is genuine, and genuinely one of them, with no pretensions. She is ignorant of the political heroes of the conservative elite: no influence from Locke's social contract (p. 107); no epiphany while reading Friedrich Von Hayek (p. 104). Palin's influences come from Paul Harvey (p. 110; yes, the guy with the radio shtick, "The Rest of the Story"); her epiphanies occurred at Christian summer camp (p. 174-6). If pressed for her favorite political philosopher, the authors claim Palin would answer "C. S. Lewis" (p. 111; yes, the guy who wrote "The Chronicles of Narnia", but also wrote some non-fiction).

For faith-based readers, this book details Palin's upbringing by a Catholic mother, and her long-time membership in a Pentecostal church. For secular readers like me, this was my first introduction that Pentecostalism was long considered barely Christian. Readers in both groups will enjoy this book's insight into Palin's formative years and current political outlook..

One of the co-authors, David Holland, previously co-wrote "Paul Harvey's America", which implies he is in touch with red-state America. The other author, Stephen Mansfield, also wrote The Faith of Barack Obama, which we reviewed during the 2008 election cycle; and The Faith of George W. Bush, which perhaps we will review now that we are inspired by the Palin book. We hope to see "The Faith of Mitt Romney" or "The Faith of Rick Perry" in early 2012.

-- Jesse Gordon, editor-in-chief, OnTheIssues.org, jesse@OnTheIssues.org, Sept. 2011
 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Tea Party: Strategically silent on social issues to preserve unity.
    Sarah Palin: In Alaska, Mother Nature wins.
Families & Children
    Sarah Palin: Happy family of origin means all is in order in her life.
    Sarah Palin: Business advocate but also a union member.
Principles & Values
    Sarah Palin: OpEd: Rural roots treated harshly by urban elite.
    Sarah Palin: Member of Pentecostal church; world's fastest-growing church.

The above quotations are from The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin
What She Believes and What It Means for America

by Stephen Mansfield, Sept. 21, 2010.

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by OnTheIssues.org
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