Robert Reich on Abortion

Former Secretary of Labor; Democratic Challenger MA Governor


Lead coalition against anti-choice lobby

The Massachusetts anti-choice lobby is still trying to limit the rights of individuals to make educated choices about their sexuality and reproduction - many anti-choice bills come before Massachusetts legislators every year. These and other threats to women’s reproductive health demand a strong coalition of leaders collaborating to ensure that reproductive rights are secure for the women of Massachusetts. I would be at the forefront of such a pro-choice coalition.
Source: Campaign site RobertReich.org, “Statement on Choice” , May 2, 2002

Supports Contraceptive Coverage Bill and Buffer Zone Law

I congratulate women’s health advocates who worked for three years to pass the Contraceptive Coverage Bill, requiring private health insurers offering prescription drug benefits to cover prescription contraceptives and hormone-replacement therapy. I congratulate them too on passage of the Massachusetts Buffer Zone Law, protecting the accessibility of reproductive health clinics for patients and staff. As Governor I would implement and protect these important new initiatives.
Source: Campaign site RobertReich.org, “Statement on Choice” , May 2, 2002

Unrestricted right to safe abortions

I am pro-choice. I am committed to safeguarding and improving women’s reproductive health services in Massachusetts, including the unrestricted right to safe abortions. I support relevant legislation increasing access to reproductive health services critical to the preservation of women’s reproductive rights.
Source: Campaign site RobertReich.org, “Statement on Choice” , May 2, 2002

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