Reform Party on Education

Party Platform


Abolish the Federal Department of Education

We believe it's time to get back to basics in education. We need to reform and restructure our educational system from limiting the Federal government's role and regulations to the role of States and taxation methods. We believe that the Federal Government's Department of Education should be abolished and the funds it receives put back in the hands of the States and the people of those states.
Source: American Reform Party Positions (2020 Conventions) , Aug 22, 2020

Empower parents and older children; personalized curriculum

Universal preschool programs and kindergarten are essential for starting our children off on the right foot. Empower parents and older children. We need to give parents more control over the education of their children. Create and support non-accredited schools that focus on blending a specialized and more personalized curriculum with project-based assessment and apprenticeship.
Source: Reform Party Platform at 2020 Convention; ReformParty.org , Jun 22, 2020

Equal access to education; plus accountability

Equal access and accountability for education means that every child should have access to a quality education. It also means that school administrations, teachers, and school boards must be held accountable for student learning and performance without "teaching to the test" or being over-burdened with repeated standardized testing. Teachers should be paid in a way that matches their skill and criticality to our society.

A quality education for our citizens is the cornerstone of our country's future. Without an educated electorate and workforce, our nation will not be able to maintain and improve our standard of living.

Source: Reform Party USA website, reformparty.org , Jan 1, 2012

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