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Some Bible stories are metaphors; some are historical facts

Like a lot of people, I'm of two minds on some of the fantastic stories. Some are clearly metaphor and allegory; others stand as factual recounting of human history, taken from the historical record. I believe it's important to repeat that here, I stand on the side of fact. I believe there was indeed an ark--and not just any ark but an impossibly, unfathomably huge ark--and that Noah undertook this impossibly, unfathomably huge task and completed it heroically. And I don't just CHOOSE to believe this because it pleases me to do so. I've read a bunch of texts and studied all kinds of histories and have come to the conclusion that there was indeed a man called Noah, who did indeed build a giant ark, which did indeed weather a tremendous flood and bring about a great change.
Source: Every Other Monday, by John Kasich, p.129 , Jun 15, 2010

David beat Goliath because he practiced and had faith

[In the Bible], David was a shepherd, and that's not as easy job. This back-breaking, painstaking work prepared himself for his fight against Goliath.

Nobody knew how prepared he was. In fact, David didn't know it himself, but he had faith. When he showed up, everybody laughed. They underestimated him. And the Saul insisted that David wear his armor, but he couldn't move swiftly or freely beneath the weight of it. David stood his ground and said, "Let me do my thing." And he did. He slew Goliath. He showed no fear. He was ready, because he'd put in the hours. It's like what Malcolm Gladwell writes in his great book "Outsiders". He says everybody who is an expert has to put in ten thousand hours building up his or her expertise. Well, David did just that. He put in his time, and God blessed his work, and it brought about a great change. He was not without flaws, of course, but he was a man after God's heart, if you will.

Source: Every Other Monday, by John Kasich, p.128-129 , Jun 15, 2010

Evolution & Creationism--different realms--can both be true

Another of the religious right's scams is marching into public science classes and trying to mandate teaching of "creation science," as opposed to evolution. Somehow, they put evolutionism and creationism in the same category--believing that one makes the other impossible. But aren't these two separate systems of knowledge? One is a scientific theory, the other is a religious doctrine. It's kind of like comparing the law of gravity to the Sermon on the Mount. Evolution doesn't pretend to disprove the Bible's version of creation, or the belief in an all-powerful being as "prime mover" and measurable. It's open to all possibilities, unlike creationism, which is a closed book. So leave evolution to the science teachers, and creation to the Sunday school of the parents' choosing.
Source: Don`t Start the Revolution, by Jesse Ventura, p.186-187 , Apr 1, 2008

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