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Nurture children early with quality care

Seeing [our grandson] reminds us how important these early years are to children: when they begin to explore their world; walk, talk, & ask questions; when they learn how to learn. Yet for too many working parents, a child’s early years are not years of discovery, but years of worry for parents as they struggle to find and afford safe, high-quality child care. No government program can ever replace the love, warmth, and support of a family. But we can make it a whole lot easier for families to be strong
Source: Press Release, “Make Child Care More Affordable” Jun 6, 2000

Use family courts to resolve Elian case

Gore continued to distance himself from the administration’s handling of the Elian case, and avoided any mention of the administration’s decision to use force to transfer custody of 6-year-old Elian Gonzalez to his father early today. “As I have said, I believe this issue should have been handled through a family court and with the family coming together,” Gore said in a brief statement today.
Source: Don Van Natta, New York Times, p. 14 on 2000 election Apr 23, 2000

Elian’s father should decide Elian’s fate; maybe with courts

Asked what should happen if Elian’s father comes to the US and wants to return with Elian to Cuba, Gore responded: “If the father says on free soil that he believes the son should go back to Cuba with him, that will be determinative.” There was no mention of the need for special legislation nor domestic relations court.

Had Gore changed his position? Gore responded, “From the beginning, I have said that this is a custody matter that should be handled in a domestic relations court.” This means legislation would still be necessary, because the INS has ruled and an appeal is pending. But Gore aides said that the INS and the federal courts are making decisions based on immigration law and diplomatic precedent rather than on what is in the best interest of the child.

For a long time, Gore tried to keep his position on Elian ambiguous. But he said on Jan. 17 that if the father “is not allowed to come here and speak freely, then the matter should be addressed in our domestic relations courts.”

Source: John Harris, Washington Post, p. A8 on 2000 election Apr 5, 2000

Move Elian’s case from INS to Florida courts

Gore today endorsed special legislation that would grant permanent resident status to Elian Gonzalez, his father, and other family members now living in Cuba. In defiance of President Clinton’s pleas that the legal dispute be kept out of the political arena, Gore declared in a statement that “our immigration laws may not be broad enough” to achieve a just resolution in the Gonzalez case.
The legislation would move the case from the jurisdiction of the INS to a Florida family court. If the father prevails in family court, he would have the right to return Elian to Cuba. Gore is backing an idea already introduced in various bills.
Until now, Gore has resisted saying how the custody battle should be resolved, while taking pains to avoid sounding sympathetic to allowing the boy to live in Cuba. In today’s statement, he said, “The real fault in this case lies with the oppressive regime of Fidel Castro. Elian should never have been forced to choose between freedom and his own father.”
Source: Sue Anne Presley & John Harris, Washington Post, p. A24 Mar 31, 2000

Son’s accident taught Gore sensitivity & better parenting

[In 1989, Gore’s son, Albert III, suffered a near-fatal traffic accident]. The aftermath of the accident led to Tipper’s treatment for depression. In response to the near-loss of Albert, & perhaps to his wife’s depression, Gore became more conscientious about blocking out time in the schedule for the kids’ school games and birthdays. He also worked at becoming a nicer boss. He made, said one former campaign consultant, “a much more conscious effort, in his own methodical way, to be sensitive to people.”
Source: Inventing Al Gore, p.227 Mar 3, 2000

Top priorities for children: health care and education

Q. What do you identify as the number one challenge facing children today and how do you propose to address it?
A. I would identify two challenges. The first is getting affordable health care. I have a proposal to expand affordable quality health care to every child in America. The second is getting a world-class education in safe, quality schools to ensure they are prepared for the 21st Century economy. I have a proposal to make revolutionary improvements to our schools.
Source: National Association of Children’s Hospitals survey Jan 8, 2000

Expand family leave bill for better parenting

The rash of school shootings that have occurred throughout the country [indicates] the need for better parenting, according to Gore. Gore said he would like to see the family leave bill expanded to included such situations as parents needing to attend a school conference. “Parents need more involvement with their children,” Gore added. “So many times, parents are watching one TV and their kids are watching another. Kids need to feel connected.”
Source: Manchester (NH) Union Leader, “Gore Asks Voters” May 23, 1999

Supports expanding Family and Medical Leave

Al Gore [was a] leading supporter of Family and Medical Leave legislation in the Senate. It has helped millions of families take time off to be with a sick child or loved one without fear of losing their job. [Gore supports] a proposal to expand Family and Medical Leave to cover parent-teacher visits and children’s routine medical appointments, as well as legislation that would give workers the option to take time off to be with their families rather than extra compensation.
Source: 5/16/99 May 16, 1999

Supports crackdown on “deadbeat dads”

Gore has long been a leader in the call for greater parental responsibility, especially from fathers. He has been central to the administration’s crackdown on deadbeat dads, leading to a dramatic surge in child support payments. And he has called for all fathers to assume a greater role in their children’s education, health, and upbringing.[Gore supports] requiring all federal agencies to strengthen their efforts to support responsible fatherhood.
Source: 5/16/99 May 16, 1999

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