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Welcome Syrian refugees and fight any bans

Sen. Cory Booker, rejecting arguments from Gov. Chris Christie and other Republicans, said Syrian refugees should be welcomed into the country. "It belies who we are as a nation to turn them away," Booker said. "It's an insult to our history. It's unacceptable to me."

In the wake of the Islamic State terrorist attacks in Paris, Christie and other Republican governors have said they won't accept any of at least 10,000 Syrian refugees that President Obama wants to allow to emigrate to the U.S. "I will fight anyone who wants to shut down this nation's open arms," Booker said.

Booker said that any refugee wanting to settle in the U.S. undergoes a background check of 18 months to two years. "There's a thorough vetting process,'' he said.

Booker was among the U.S. senators last month who supported emergency funding to help Syrian refugees. Booker was among the lawmakers in October who urged Obama to make it easier for refugees to reunite with relatives already in the U.S.

Source: Newark Star-Ledger, "Refugee Ban Belies Who We Are" , Nov 17, 2015

Blocking the DREAM Act is crazy; it's how we built America

[Commenting on the Republicans' blocking passage of the DREAM Act], "These are people who want to serve in the military and get educated. Forget the politics. It's the pragmatism of it. We are a nation that has built our country on immigrants from Einstein to some of our greatest scientists have been people coming in. And to tell people who have been through high school and high school presidents going to college [and who have served on the front lines] this is crazy."
Source: Interview with NBC News' Andrea Mitchell , Dec 19, 2010

Against involving city police in immigration matters

To the revelation that a suspect in the Newark shootings, Jose Lachira Carranza, is an illegal immigrant from Peru who could have been detained by federal immigration authorities after he was arrested three times on criminal charges. A national chorus reacted with horror to the Aug. 4 killings at a playground here. The mayor of NewarkCory A. Booker, has tried to keep the public discussion focused on his main goal: reducing the crime rate. Mr. Booker said he was frustrated that Mr. Carranza had been fr responding to the debate surrounding the suspect's illegal status, has come out firmly against involving city police in immigration matters. He said such a role would hurt relationships with what he called "the most marginalized and vulnerable people within our community."

"My Police Department does not play an I.N.S. function," Mr. Booker said. "We are not to be running around doing interrogations about whether someone is documented or not."

Source: Kareem Fahim in New York Times, "Newark Triple Murder" , Aug 19, 2007

Provide lawyers and evidence for children being deported.

Booker co-sponsored S.2540/H.R.4646

This bill authorizes the Department of Justice (DOJ) to appoint or provide counsel at government expense to aliens in removal proceedings.

  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shall provide an alien in removal proceedings with all relevant documents in its possession, unless the alien has knowingly waived the right to such documents.
  • DOJ may appoint or provide counsel to aliens in any INA proceeding.
  • DHS shall ensure that aliens have access to counsel inside all immigration detention and border facilities.
  • DOJ shall appoint counsel, at government expense if necessary, for an unaccompanied alien child or a particularly vulnerable individual.
  • DHS shall establish a pilot program to increase the court appearance rates of unaccompanied alien children and particularly vulnerable individuals by contracting with nongovernmental, community-based organizations to provide such aliens with case management services.
    Source: Fair Day in Court for Kids Act 16-S2540 on Feb 11, 2016

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