Bill Bradley on Abortion

2000 Democratic Primary Challenger for President


Consistency on issues of principle matters

BRADLEY [to Gore]: Is consistency on fundamental issues of principle relevant? I think they are. In Congress you had an 84% right-to-life voting record. This is an issue that requires somebody to know where they stand.
I respect people who have a different view than I do. I respect your position that you had. People can evolve. But you campaign shouldn’t go around saying that you’ve always been for a woman’s right to choose because the record shows you have not.

GORE: We basically agree, we have exactly the same position. So if you want to manufacturer a distinction, O.K. I favor woman’s right to choose regardless of the woman’s income. I have always supported a woman’s right to choose. And I support it today.

BRADLEY: Al, that’s not true. You voted the other way.

GORE: The exceptions to the general rule that Medicaid should provide funding for abortions constituted virtually the only votes in the House of Representatives during [my years there]. And I wrestled with [those issues].

Source: (X-ref to Gore) Democrat Debate in Manchester NH , Jan 26, 2000

Resist clinic bombings with full force of government

When terrorism occurs-such as the bombing of clinics or the shooting of doctors-it must be resisted with the full force of the federal government. Terrorism should never endanger the right to choose.
Source: www.billbradley.com/ “Woman’s Right to Choose” 5/19/99 , May 19, 1999

Protect privacy of decision between woman and doctor

I am strongly pro-choice. I believe that the decision whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is a private one between a woman and her doctor, and we must protect that privacy.
Source: www.billbradley.com/ “Woman’s Right to Choose” 5/19/99 , May 19, 1999

Protect the reproductive rights of women.

Bradley co-sponsored protecting the reproductive rights of women