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You Are In Charge

by Herman Cain

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BOOK REVIEW by OnTheIssues.org:

This is not a political book at all, but more of an advice book for success in business and personal life. If Cain were not running for president, this book would be in the "advice" section -- but since he is running, then observing his advice becomes political.

Cain's personal life advice centers around the metaphor that you are the "CEO of SELF, Inc." You have board members -- your family, for example -- but you ultimately have responsibility for decisions about your path, to benefit both yourself and the board members.

Cain's business life advice centers around his "decade goals" -- he recommends that everyone make a similar big-picture plan. He has had decade goals since his teens:

  • Earn a salary of $20,000 per year by the age of 30 (accomplished at age 26)
  • Complete a master's degree before the age of 30 (that became part of the prior decade-goal, when Cain realized his salary was limited by his education)
  • Secure a position as vice-president of a corporation by the age of 40 (accomplished at Pillsbury at age 34)
  • Reach a position as president of a corporation by the age of 50 (accomplished at Godfather's Pizza at age 40)

Cain also served as president of the National Restaurant Association -- a position which involved a lot of representative politics. He served as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (a regional branch of the national institution) for two years in the 1990s. He had a radio talk show, and was a frequent political commentator on Fox News, prior to his presidential run. Those, combined with his Senate run in 2004, earned him sufficient credentials to warrant his appearances in the 2011 presidential debates as the only debater who had not held elective office.

Cain wrote this book in 2001. That's years before Cain's presidential aspirations. Cain also ran for Senate in the 2004 GOP primary; hence the book served as a pre-introduction to the voters. Cain closes the book with the rationale for his political career: Upon the birth of his first grandchild, in 1999, Cain's thinking shifted from the usual parent's question "How do we give her a better start in life?" Instead, he considered the larger question, "How do I make this a better world?" He has cited that story in several debates in the 2012 presidential race. Cain cites numerous other aspects of his personal history and business history on the 2012 campaign trail too -- this book provides the original source material in detail.

-- Jesse Gordon, editor-in-chief, OnTheIssues.org, Sept. 2011

 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
Civil Rights
    I removed the barriers rather than let barriers remove me.
    Women face added challenge of male dominated higher ranks.
    High school salutatorian; scholarship to Morehouse College.
Health Care
    1993: Clinton health plan would negatively impact jobs.
Principles & Values
    Think of yourself as the CEO of SELF, Inc.
    Unlikely candidates succeed under more uncertainty.
    Leaders must be self-motivated, focused risk-takers.
    To make decisions, a leader must be comfortable with risk.
    If right questions not asked, biggest problems go unsolved.
    Happiness equation: something to do + someone to love.
    Hope is key to happiness; happiness is key to success.
    Principles of happiness and success: you're the CEO of SELF.
    Make a strategic plan as CEO of SELF.

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The above quotations are from CEO of SELF
You Are In Charge

by Herman Cain.
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