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State of Arkansas Politicians: Archives

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    from State of Arkansas Archives (number of quotes indicated):
  • Asa Hutchinson (25) Arkansas Republican Governor
  • Blanche Lambert Lincoln (15) Former Democratic Senator Arkansas
  • Bruce Westerman (18) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Arkansas- 4
  • Conner Eldridge (19) Democratic Senate Challenger Arkansas
  • Curtis Coleman (19) Republican Senate challenger Arkansas
  • Frank Gilbert (5) Arkansas Libertarian Gubernatorial Challenger
  • French Hill (4) Republican House Member U.S. Rep Arkansas- 2
  • Jared Henderson (10) Arkansas Democratic candidate for governor of Arkansas
  • Jim Holt (8) 2010 Republican challenger (lost primary) Arkansas
  • John Boozman (11) Republican Jr Senator Arkansas
  • Mark Pryor (6) Democratic Sr Senator Arkansas
  • Mark Swaney (4) 2014 Green Senate Challenger Arkansas
  • Mark West (20) Arkansas Libertarian candidate for governor of Arkansas
  • Mike Beebe (8) Arkansas Democratic Governor
  • Mike Huckabee (10) Arkansas Republican Presidential candidate
  • Mike Ross (9) Arkansas Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Nathan LaFrance (5) Libertarian Senate Challenger Arkansas
  • Tom Cotton (13) Republican Senate challenger Arkansas
  • Wesley Clark (1) Democrat
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Mark West: Oppose abortion, but give options to women in crisis.
    Jared Henderson: Supports available legal abortion but won't run on the issue.
    Frank Gilbert: Only allow abortion for rape, incest, and maternal life.
    Curtis Coleman: Champion of the rights of the unborn.
    Conner Eldridge: I'm personally opposed, but Roe v Wade is the law.
    Asa Hutchinson: Human life begins at conception.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: I believe in God; and only God has all the answers.
    Curtis Coleman: Supports umbilical stem cell research, but not embryonic.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Boozman's pro-life stance puts rapists over victims.
    John Boozman: Opposes transporting minors across state lines for abortion.
    Bruce Westerman: Pro-life; no exceptions for incest or rape.
    Bruce Westerman: Stem cell research ok, but not embryonic stem cell research.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Take objective approach to judicial confirmation process.
    Jim Holt: Would not support any pro-choice judicial candidate.
    Mike Huckabee: Supports woman’s right-to-know legislation.
    Mike Huckabee: Pro-life, but respects choice as mandated law.
Budget & Economy
    Mark West: Market-led recovery better than stimulus.
    Jared Henderson: Bring new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to economy.
    Curtis Coleman: Work tirelessly to reduce our deficit & pay back $18T debt.
    Conner Eldridge: Start doing something about $18 trillion in debt.
    French Hill: Cut low-priority spending; smaller federal government.
    Nathan LaFrance: Politicians CANNOT control government spending; time for BBA.
    Asa Hutchinson: Free enterprise is key to national prosperity.
    Mike Ross: AdWatch: Voted for $7 trillion in new debt and bailouts.
    Asa Hutchinson: AdWatch: Worked for lobbying firm after leaving Congress.
    Mike Ross: AdWatch: Trillions of things in common with Pelosi & Obama.
    Bruce Westerman: Favors economic growth and cuts as opposed to raising taxes.
Civil Rights
    Mark West: No authority over relationships between same-sex adults.
    Jared Henderson: Supports LGBT citizens but not for across the board revamps.
    Conner Eldridge: Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act.
    Curtis Coleman: Protect right to free practice of our faith.
    Conner Eldridge: OpEd: Dems embrace same-sex marriage; Eldridge is reluctant.
    Asa Hutchinson: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    Asa Hutchinson: Marriage should be only one-man-one-woman.
    Frank Gilbert: State should stay out of the marriage business.
    Mike Ross: Personally opposes gay marriage, but abide by Supreme Court.
    Bruce Westerman: Opposes affirmative action.
    Curtis Coleman: Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Defer to military decision on Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell.
    John Boozman: Keep Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell; the policy has worked well.
    Bruce Westerman: No civil unions; no same-sex marriage.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Oppose amending the federal constitution to ban gay marriage.
    Jim Holt: Amend the federal constitution to ban gay marriage.
    Jared Henderson: Give right tools to right people, & jobs will flourish.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: Worked as management consultant, not in insurance.
    John Boozman: Tax cuts for higher income helps small business owners.
    Mark West: Fewer non-violent offenses, but respect victims rights.
    Asa Hutchinson: Four executions in 8 days; keep protocol of lethal injection.
    Asa Hutchinson: Balance public safety with giving a second chance in life.
    Curtis Coleman: No mandatory minimums, but death penalty ok.
    Conner Eldridge: Work with law enforcement to reduce threats of violence.
    Mark Swaney: Eliminate the federal death penalty.
    Mike Beebe: Let non-violent offenders repay debt to society productively.
    Bruce Westerman: Supports capital punishment; opposes building more prisons.
    Mark West: Marijuana is not a gateway drug.
    Conner Eldridge: Spent 5 years as US Attorney taking on drug traffickers.
    Mike Beebe: Heavier penalties for drug trade; but not for possession.
    Bruce Westerman: No medical marijuana; no decriminalization.
    Mike Huckabee: Treatment for drug use instead of incarceration.
    Mark West: De-link funding from standardized tests; then vouchers ok.
    Asa Hutchinson: Fund colleges based on productivity.
    Jared Henderson: Education is the catalyst to strong economy and prosperity.
    Asa Hutchinson: ArFuture Grants: pay tuition & stay in state for 3 years.
    Curtis Coleman: Opposes mandatory reforms for competitive federal grants.
    Conner Eldridge: I attended public schools and I will prioritize education.
    Asa Hutchinson: Post the Ten Commandments in public school buildings.
    Mike Ross: AdWatch: Unwavering commitment to our children and schools.
    Mike Beebe: Teach science and math using new, national methods.
    Bruce Westerman: Supports charter schools; opposes Common Core.
    Mike Huckabee: First priority: Raise teacher salaries.
Energy & Oil
    Mark West: Government shouldn't play favorites in energy market.
    Mark Swaney: Tax carbon to encourage people to use alternatives.
    Curtis Coleman: Use every American energy source to end external dependency.
    Curtis Coleman: Cap-and-trade is a massive tax on energy consumption.
    Bruce Westerman: Expansion of energy sources should be market driven.
    Jim Holt: Drilling for oil in Alaska won’t cause environmental damage.
    Mark West: Fight EPA regulatory over-reach.
    Asa Hutchinson: Reduce burden of unreasonable regulations.
    Conner Eldridge: Repeal overly-burdensome regulations that hurt farmers.
    Curtis Coleman: EPA poses a serious threat to property rights.
    John Boozman: EPA regulations make dirtier climate abroad & no gain in US.
    Bruce Westerman: Fight EPA expansion of protected waters.
    Mike Beebe: Important to preserve forests to protect jobs.
Families & Children
    Asa Hutchinson: More funding for foster children.
    Tom Cotton: Domestic violence victim funding pushes ideological agenda.
    Asa Hutchinson: Reform divorce laws to increase waiting period.
    Mike Huckabee: Supports “covenant marriage”.
Foreign Policy
    Mark West: Just because something is American doesn't make it better.
    Asa Hutchinson: Eradicate North Korean leadership, but no assassinations.
    Conner Eldridge: Advocate for an aggressive, unapologetic foreign policy.
    Bruce Westerman: Negotiate Israel-Palestine deal directly, not through UN.
Free Trade
    Mark West: Support & expand free trade.
    Conner Eldridge: Opposes Trans Pacific Partnership; supports fair trade.
    Bruce Westerman: Expand foreign markets for farm exports.
    Mike Beebe: Cuba's interest in AR exports is good for the state.
Government Reform
    Mark West: Make voter registration easier.
    Conner Eldridge: Rid the political system of secret, dark money.
    Curtis Coleman: 12-year term limits: citizen legislators and judges.
    Nathan LaFrance: Term limits will accomplish with CFR attempts to do.
    Asa Hutchinson: Photo ID for voting.
    Asa Hutchinson: 1999: Brought articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton.
    Mike Ross: Left Congress due to growing acrimony of national politics.
    Mark Pryor: Government shutdown is reckless & irresponsible.
    Bruce Westerman: Require proof of identity when voting.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: No moratorium on earmarks; they fund local projects.
    Bruce Westerman: Limit campaign contributions but not campaign spending.
    Jim Holt: Campaign reform is incumbency protection.
    Mike Huckabee: Not more government, but more efficient government.
Gun Control
    Mark West: Absolute right to gun ownership.
    Jared Henderson: No guns on campus; won't commit yet on open carry.
    Conner Eldridge: Enforce the gun laws already on the books.
    Curtis Coleman: Champion of our 2nd Amendment rights.
    Nathan LaFrance: Attempts at building a federal gun registry are wrong.
    Asa Hutchinson: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    Bruce Westerman: No background checks, no licensing, for concealed carry.
    Mike Huckabee: Supports self-defense and ‘castle doctrine’.
Health Care
    Mark West: Oppose ObamaCare.
    Asa Hutchinson: Work requirement for Medicaid.
    Jared Henderson: Support Arkansas Works; concentrate on reducing premiums.
    Asa Hutchinson: $5M for Mental Health Stabilization Centers.
    Curtis Coleman: I will never vote to fund ObamaCare.
    Conner Eldridge: Improve ObamaCare rather than distractions about repeal.
    French Hill: ObamaCare is a $2.2 trillion mistake.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No, Cotton won't end Medicare guarantee.
    Mike Beebe: Expand state Medicaid, but with low-income private option.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: False that Medicare vouchers increase seniors' cost.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: Cotton supports Medicare "premium support" vouchers.
    Asa Hutchinson: A lot of budget "fuzziness" if private option is not renewed.
    Mike Ross: Voted for ObamaCare early on but now consistently against it.
    Mike Ross: Voted against individuals keeping health insurance plans.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare.
    Tom Cotton: Federal shut down to force ObamaCare delay by one year.
    Tom Cotton: FactCheck: No special subsidies for congressional staff.
    Mike Beebe: Provide better care without federal Affordable Care Act.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Fix broken logistics of healthcare delivery.
    John Boozman: I want to be the deciding vote to repeal ObamaCare.
    John Boozman: Nothing in healthcare bill controls cost; much escalates it.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Worked to ensure the overhaul helped small businesses.
    John Boozman: Solution like overhaul is what's wrong with government.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: I stopped the public option in ObamaCare.
    John Boozman: Something needs to be done, but ObamaCare is a job killer.
    Bruce Westerman: No public option; no individual mandates.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Can’t get our arms around the uninsured.
    Mike Huckabee: ARKids First program: record decreases in uninsured.
Homeland Security
    Mark West: Military expansion results in international police.
    Conner Eldridge: Ensure stable military and VA funding.
    Curtis Coleman: AdWatch: Boozman voted to curtail civil liberties; I won't.
    Curtis Coleman: Oppose unconstitutional activities by the NSA.
    Nathan LaFrance: Meta-data collection of phone records is unconstitutional.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No sense of entitlement from serving in military.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Seniority concerns shouldn’t outweigh intelligence decisions.
    Jim Holt: Trust Bush’s homeland security decisions and recommendations.
    Mark West: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Jared Henderson: We can learn and grow by listening to the immigrants stories.
    Conner Eldridge: Pathway to legal status but no amnesty.
    Curtis Coleman: 100% opposed to amnesty in any form or by any mechanism.
    Bruce Westerman: Control the borders, then implement guest worker program.
    Mark West: No discriminatory hiring practices but no affirmative action.
    Mark Swaney: Abandon minimum wage in favor of living wage.
    Jim Holt: Restrict China trade until they float their currency.
Local Issues
    Asa Hutchinson: Shift lottery authority to new state agency.
    Frank Gilbert: Do away with the lottery; not the right way to fund schools.
    Mike Ross: Opposed lottery initially; but now let's make it better.
Principles & Values
    Mark West: No religious viewpoint should be publicly imposed.
    Frank Gilbert: Christian Libertarian & believes in Non-Aggression Principle.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: I believe in God; and only God has all the answers.
    Tom Cotton: Served in military, academia, and as management consultant.
    Tom Cotton: Fastest male in Congress; has finished 11 marathons.
    Mark Pryor: Campaign theme: Pryor is responsible, Cotton is reckless.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: I believe in God and I believe in His word.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Some say I'm too liberal; some say I'm too conservative.
    John Boozman: Arkansas can't afford Blanche Lincoln anymore.
Social Security
    Mark West: System going bankrupt; cautious transition to privatization.
    Curtis Coleman: Divert some FICA taxes into personal retirement accounts.
    Conner Eldridge: Protect seniors from privatization and Wall Street gambling.
    French Hill: Keep our promises, and enhance 401k's & reverse mortgages.
    Tom Cotton: Oppo AdWatch: supports Privatizing social security.
    John Boozman: Private accounts should be looked at as an option.
Tax Reform
    Jared Henderson: Fight against raising grocery tax, to protect families.
    Mark West: Lower taxes on everyone.
    Asa Hutchinson: Tax cuts attract keep veterans in state.
    Asa Hutchinson: Tax cuts keep Arkansas competitive : cut from 6.9% to 6%.
    Jared Henderson: Supports the Republican low and middle class income tax cuts.
    Conner Eldridge: Lower taxes for families and small businesses.
    Curtis Coleman: Simple Flat Tax plan: 10% for all personal income tax.
    French Hill: We need a simple fair tax code instead of wet blanket.
    Nathan LaFrance: Replace income tax with national sales tax.
    Asa Hutchinson: Don't raise any taxes, while reducing individual tax rate.
    Frank Gilbert: Don't raise any taxes, and eliminate income tax.
    Mike Ross: I support lower tax rates.
    Asa Hutchinson: Tax reduction will spur job growth.
    Mike Beebe: Cut regressive grocery sales tax now; eliminate it later.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Extend tax cuts for low and middle income.
    John Boozman: Support the FairTax; abolish the Internal Revenue Service.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: The ultrawealthy should not receive tax cuts.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: National sales tax of 23% is just a bad idea for Arkansans.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Like to see tax cuts for the lower and middle class.
    Jim Holt: Taxes should be cut further.
    Wesley Clark: Middle- & working-class tax cuts are an economic-growth tool.
    Mike Huckabee: Remove the poorest taxpayers from the tax rolls.
    Mike Huckabee: Arkansas becoming a leader in e-government.
War & Peace
    Mark West: Avoid foreign entanglements.
    Curtis Coleman: Use military force top prevent nuclear proliferation.
    Conner Eldridge: Provide resources to keep military strongest in the world.
    Conner Eldridge: Opposes Obama's Iran nuclear deal; needs more verification.
    Bruce Westerman: No way we can accept a nuclear Iran.
    Mark Swaney: Iraq war was a waste, based on a lie.
    Tom Cotton: Jihadists attack us for who we are.
    Tom Cotton: Iraq War was just and noble.
Welfare & Poverty
    Jim Holt: Separation of church and state cannot be done.

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