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Arvin Vohra: Remove all gun ownership restrictions

When we eliminate gun free school zones and remove all restrictions on gun ownership, we increase safety. Shootings happen when the shooter believes there are reasonable assurances that the victims will be unarmed. This is true of home invasions, business robberies, and mass shootings. When we protect the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms, we create a reasonable assurance that any armed robbery or attempted mass shooting will almost certainly end in the death of the shooter.
Source: 2018 Maryland Senate campaign website Dec 12, 2017

Maya Cummings: Focus on gun violence

Tackle gun violence at its root.
Source: 2018 Maryland Gubernatorial website Oct 15, 2017

Richard Madaleno: Sponsored ban on guns on campus

"None of us want our children to be exposed to gun violence when they're off at school, whether it's walking into kindergarten or walking into graduate school," said Madaleno, who is sponsoring the legislation that would ban guns on all college campuses in Maryland. He warned against only thinking of mass shootings when considering gun safety saying he was more concerned with individual instances, like suicide or relationship violence.
Source: The Diamondback (U.MD.) on 2018 Maryland Gubernatorial race Mar 2, 2017

Jamie Raskin: Ban assault weapons; plus fingerprint licensing system

Gun violence is a national epidemic and a national disgrace. But the industry-fed National Rifle Association and right-wing Republicans have continually blocked common-sense solutions to the crisis. In the Maryland Senate, Jamie has been an effective and unafraid leader on gun control. In 2013, he worked to get passed one of the most comprehensive gun safety laws in the nation. It imposed a life-saving fingerprint licensing system and banned assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. This year, Jamie crafted legislation to create a process for convicted domestic abusers to relinquish their firearms. In Congress, Jamie will fight for legislation modeled after Maryland's successful and comprehensive law. Appealing to the vast majority of gun owners who favor common-sense reforms to prevent catastrophes like the massacres in Newtown and Aurora, Jamie will work to build a "common-sense" coalition to make real change happen.
Source: 2016 Maryland House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Margaret Flowers: More background checks; more ammo limits; more regulations

Q: What steps should Congress take to reduce the toll of gun violence?

Flowers: The high rate of gun deaths is an urgent public health problem that has been a long time in the making and will take some time to resolve. Changes will need to be made to reduce access to guns by people who would use them to kill others or themselves, either intentionally or by accident, and to reduce the socio-economic factors that lead to violent crimes. Congress should regulate the sales of all guns and require universal background checks. Assault weapons and magazines that can carry a large number of rounds should be banned in the US, and this should be combined with a program to buy these back. All gun owners should be licensed and required to take basic gun safety courses or to otherwise demonstrate competence. This should include how to store guns so that children do not have easy access to them. And there should be mandatory reporting of gun thefts to law enforcement.

Source: Baltimore Sun Voter Guide on 2016 Maryland Senate race Sep 9, 2016

Kathy Szeliga: I believe in the right to bear arms

Source: 2016 Campaign website for Maryland Senate, Nov 11, 2015

Chris Van Hollen: Common sense measures like universal background checks

Chris Van Hollen called on Speaker Boehner to allow Congress to vote on commonsense gun laws after yet another mass shooting. Excerpts from the interview on MSNBC:

Q: Your reaction to the mass shooting?

A: It's tragic. It's heartbreaking. But it's also sickening, because we see this mounting death toll from mass casualty shootings--but also every day in our neighborhoods, in our cities--and we know there are common sense gun safety measures we can take to dramatically reduce the death toll and we're not doing anything about it. And the definition of gross negligence is when you know you have a solution that will help prevent gun deaths and you don't do anything about it.

Q: What are the solutions?

A: If you have a universal criminal background check to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people, you will reduce gun deaths. We know that. You should have a permit to purchase a weapon just like you need to get a license to drive a car.

Source: Afro weblog coverage of 2016 Maryland Senate race Oct 2, 2015

Larry Hogan: Instant background checks tied to the federal system

"This is the most deceitful, most dishonest campaign that I have ever witnessed in my entire life," Hogan told reporters. He then called Brown a liar. "Each of Anthony Brown's campaign ads are completely false, and they are filled with absolute lies," Hogan said.

Brown's TV ads zero in on social issues. The Brown ad claims Hogan is against background checks for firearm purchases. It's in reference to his opposition to sweeping gun control laws passed last year that included increased scrutiny. Hogan supports instant background checks tied to the federal system.

Source: WBAL-TV AdWatch on 2014 Maryland gubernatorial race Sep 19, 2014

Martin O`Malley: Further toughen the enforcement of our gun laws

We are taking our streets and neighborhoods back from violent crime. But better is not good enough. Since 2007, we have reduced murders in our state by 23%. The spate of homicides early this year reminds us of the urgency of work yet done. Better isn't good enough. Thirty-one kids were the victims of homicides in 2010. According to the State Police, this is the lowest number of juvenile victims on record. But how do we explain to the families and friends of those 31 kids that we consider this a statewide accomplishment? Two years ago, you took guns away from domestic abusers.

This year, I need your help to further toughen the enforcement of our gun laws. And while nobody believes we should criminalize poverty, there are things we can do--must do--to bring Maryland in line with what every other state does and expects when it comes to preventing the willful neglect of a child.

Source: 2011 Maryland State of the State Address Feb 3, 2011

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