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Stacey Abrams: For living wage and right to form unions

As Governor, Stacey will promote policies to ensure pay equity and expand paid sick leave. Georgia should require a living wage in every county. Furthermore, the right to form a union and collectively bargain for fair wages and employment conditions is fundamental to workplace fairness. As Minority Leader, Stacey never wavered in her opposition to legislation that would erode the rights of workers to bargain for fair pay and safe workplace conditions.
Source: 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial website Sep 1, 2017

Stacey Abrams: For living wage and right to form unions

As Governor, Stacey will promote policies to ensure pay equity and expand paid sick leave. Georgia should require a living wage in every county. Furthermore, the right to form a union and collectively bargain for fair wages and employment conditions is fundamental to workplace fairness. As Minority Leader, Stacey never wavered in her opposition to legislation that would erode the rights of workers to bargain for fair pay and safe workplace conditions.
Source: 2018 Georgia Governor website Aug 17, 2017

Casey Cagle: Create 500,000 jobs in first term, to beat Deal's 319,000

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle launched his campaign for governor with a pledge to add 500,000 jobs in his first four years in office, slash $100 million in taxes in his opening months and a promise to "declare war on high school dropout rates in Georgia."

Cagle said he would quickly appoint an economic development liaison to work with businesses to streamline permitting, and he said he'd hit the road to recruit companies around the nation and the globe with an emphasis on targeting high-tech firms. "We've been successful in being the Hollywood of the South," he said, "but now we will be the Silicon Valley of the South."

His 500,000 job creation goal is lofty: Deal put economic development at the center of his campaign, and he said he created more than 319,000 private-sector jobs in his first term.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 2018 Georgia governor race Apr 29, 2017

Jon Ossoff: Minimum wage should be a living wage

Source: 2017 Georgia House campaign website, Apr 21, 2017

Nathan Deal: Economists don't pay attention to unemployment rates

When pressed by [Democratic opponent Jason] Carter about the state's stubborn unemployment rates--pegged at 7.9 percent for September--the governor called it an "outlier" statistic. "Unemployment rates are only good for political advertising," Deal said. "Economists don't pay any attention to them."

The bitter back-and-forth played out against months of campaign rhetoric focusing on education and the economy, the two dominant themes of this election. Deal touts more than 300,000 jobs created on his watch and an education budget this year that includes more than $300 million in new K-12 money. Carter said the state is drowning in wasted potential that he can unlock with a pledge to boost classroom funding.

Source: Journal-Constitution on 2014 Georgia Gubernatorial debate Oct 19, 2014

David Perdue: 2005: I spent my career outsourcing; 2014: I'm proud of that

The GOP nominee is facing heat over revelations that he said he had "spent most of my career" focused on outsourcing, and didn't help himself by responding that he was "proud" of that record. [Democratic PACs are planning] millions of dollars in ads hitting Perdue for the outsourcing comments.

The controversy stems from a 2005 legal deposition about Pillowtex, a North Carolina textile company, where he was CEO in 2003. "Yeah, I spent most of my career doing that," the he said when asked to describe his "experience with outsourcing." Perdue discussed his goal at Pillowtex of moving production overseas to try to save the company.

His initial response [in 2014] to the revelations didn't help put out the fire. "Defend it? I'm proud of it," he said when asked about his "career outsourcing."

"This is a part of American business. Outsourcing is the procurement of products and services to help your business run. People do that all day," he continued.

Source: The Hill PacWatch on 2014 Georgia Senate debate Oct 9, 2014

David Perdue: Oppose increase in the federal minimum wage

At an hour-long Senate debate, Nunn said about David Perdue, "He would be the only senator who would have built his career around outsourcing jobs," Nunn said.

Perdue has said his experience with outsourcing wasn't about moving job overseas but obtaining products and services for companies.

At one point, Nunn asked whether Perdue supports an increase in the federal minimum wage and Perdue responded that he did not. "As I have said, if you increase the minimum wage, you will kill jobs in this country," Perdue said. "This president wants bigger government, higher taxes, more regulation. This is the plan my opponent supports."

Immigration and agriculture were also hot topics for the crowd. Perdue said he wanted to make it easier for farmers to obtain work visas and accused Nunn of not listing agriculture as a top priority in a campaign memo--something she dismissed as untrue.

Source: 2014 Georgia Senate debate coverage by NBC-11-Alive Oct 7, 2014

Michelle Nunn: Increase the minimum wage, help lower the unemployment rate

Traveling across the state, meeting with hard-working citizens, it's so clear to me that our leaders in Washington could learn a thing or two from Georgians' work ethic.

The families I meet are putting in the hours, trying to provide for their families, and while they are focused on the home front, they need leaders in Washington who are looking out for them--not special interests. They need leaders who are good listeners and in touch with their concerns.

In my work as the CEO of Points of Light, the largest non-profit in the world dedicated to volunteer service, I found that collaboration was critical to getting things done. That's a lesson I will put to use in the U.S. Senate to increase the minimum wage, and help lower the unemployment rate.

In contrast, David Perdue's experience includes outsourcing American jobs to other countries and walking away with $1.7 million shortly before another company went bankrupt, costing 7,500 workers their jobs.

Source: Nunn campaign email AdWatch for 2014 Georgia Senate debate Sep 1, 2014

Andrew Hunt: Job Powerhouse plan instead of crony capitalism

Currently only large businesses and the well-connected receive special relief, incentives, and government contracts. There are so many neighborhoods, small towns and cities around Georgia full of people who do not receive any benefits. The majority of companies and people pay for this crony capitalism. With the Job Powerhouse plan we establish a level playing field with fairness and freedom of operation. Companies and citizens create the jobs that drive our economy. A truly free enterprise system without penalties on employers will grow jobs rapidly.

There should be no special awards to only a few companies. Deal helped create a fund with which he can direct special benefits to a small number of selected companies. This is the ultimate example of crony capitalism. There needs to be as few regulations as possible so that we can have a true free enterprise system. Let the open market place, not the government, decide on the winners and losers. There will be so many more winners and more jobs.

Source: 2014 Georgia gubernatorial campaign website, Aug 31, 2014

Andrew Hunt: Reduce payroll tax when paying over $11/hour

Incentivize Over $11/hour Pay: Our objective is to incentivize employers to create jobs that provide competitive pay for all Georgians. To bring a higher base pay to Georgians, the employment penalty tax reimbursement of federal payroll taxes will be for jobs paying $11/hour or more, and this will be indexed to inflation. Additionally, maintaining low unemployment will drive up pay for all, as employers will compete to get the staff they need. A strong free market economy yields great jobs! Thus, elimination of employment penalty taxes will bring higher pay and ensure fewer jobs with lower pay. When the People earn more, there is a stronger economy -which in turn helps all businesses.
Source: 2014 Georgia gubernatorial campaign website, Aug 31, 2014

Jason Carter: Employers need skilled workers: more technical schools

Q: What is your plan to increase jobs and grow the economy in Georgia?

A: The most important thing we can do in Georgia with respect to having a healthy economy is to ensure that our education system is viable and is educating people to have the skills they need. The biggest anchor we have on economic growth, right now, is our education system. The Governor's policies with respect to technical schools, higher education, K through 12, have all undermined our ability to grow toward the future. The other piece that is important to me is technical schools. We have lost 45,000 students in our technical schools because of the Governor's policies. That is an economic disaster waiting to happen. We've got employers that need folks with skills and we've got people who want to move up in the world and need those skills and they are not able to go to technical schools, and that's not good for anybody.

Source: Atlanta Progressive News Q&A: 2014 Georgia Governor's race Feb 13, 2014

Nathan Deal: Employment is primary goal of education: more HOPE Grants

Since employment is a primary goal of education, I want to commend the Chancellor of our University System and the Commissioner of our Technical College System for evaluating and refocusing their programs of study to give priority to those educational paths that have a proven record of employability. It is a tragedy when a young person works hard, accumulates debt for student loans and then graduates with a diploma in a field where there are no jobs.

My budget proposes to focus more funds within our HOPE Grant Program toward occupations where we know jobs are available & shortages actually exist. Currently, there are several thousand jobs available for individuals with a commercial driver's license. There are similar shortages in the areas of nursing and early childhood education. In order to fill these vacancies we suggest directing additional funds within our Technical College HOPE Grants.

Source: 2013 State of the State address to Georgia Legislature Jan 17, 2013

Vernon Jones: Include gender identity in federal anti-discrimination laws

Source: Georgia Congressional Election 2008 Political Courage Test Jul 2, 2008

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