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John Carney: Re-establish the Family Services Cabinet Council

A strong economy and good-paying jobs go a long way toward making most families stable and healthy. But for too many Delaware families--and far too many of our state's children--a growing economy is not enough. These families, these kids, need our help. That's why I've re-established the Family Services Cabinet Council, which meets for the first time next week. Many Delaware families continue to face significant challenges--including the high cost of child care; violence and poverty in their neighborhoods; the impact of caring for an aging family member; or the challenges of navigating an economy in transition.

The Family Services Cabinet Council will spearhead a new effort to coordinate public and private services that are often fragmented. The Council will propose changes to current programs to improve the delivery of state services. We will tackle the hardest problems. I will chair this Council myself, and my cabinet secretaries will be engaged personally.

Source: 2017 Delaware State of the State address Mar 30, 2017

John Carney: Respite care programs for family caregivers

Q: AARP believes Delaware's 123,000 unpaid family caregivers provide an important service. AARP supports a range of policies to help caregivers, including greater workplace flexibility, state caregiver tax credits, respite care, and expanding the ability of nurses to delegate certain tasks to direct care workers.

John Carney: Recently, I lost my father and mother-in-law after illnesses and hospitalization of varying lengths. I saw firsthand the confusing, stressful, and emotionally draining situations that family members acting as caretakers can find themselves in. As Governor, I'd support legislation encouraging employers to give caretakers more flexibility in tending to their loved ones. I would also support respite care programs that allow caregivers to get a rest while knowing their loved ones are being cared for.

Source: AARP Voter Guide on 2016 Delaware gubernatorial race Oct 9, 2016

Jack Markell: Increase access to effective contraception for women

Delaware has one of the highest unplanned pregnancy rates in the country--57%. Research shows that most unplanned pregnancies occur because women are using a method of contraception that isn't very effective. There are new methods that are much more effective than the pill but here our healthcare system doesn't make it easy to choose these. That's why the state is launching a partnership with the national nonprofit Upstream USA, to train our healthcare providers so that all Delaware women can conveniently access the most effective contraceptive options, at low or no-cost.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Delaware legislature Jan 21, 2016

Chris Coons: Faith is a central part of how we raise our three children

Q: You were a student pastor at Yale. You've occasionally been a guest speaker at some of the churches here in our community, Baptist churches, Presbyterian churches to name a few. So how much of an influence does this faith in your life have on your politics?

COONS: Faith is a central part of how my wife and I are raising our three children, of why we decide to do the community service and the outreach that we do but ours is a faith that we think a general motivation towards public service, towards trying to create a community that's more tolerant, inclusive, and just, and towards the sort of forgiveness, healing and reconciliation that we think is the central message of our faith. But I also think, as someone who has been elected ten years I've learned to reach a balance where my private faith, the aspects of my faith that are religious doctrine, don't influence the decisions that I've made for the public in my ten years in county office.

Source: CNN's Wolf Blitzer moderating 2010 Delaware Senate debate Oct 13, 2010

Christine O`Donnell: 1990s: espoused anti-masturbation; porn is akin to adultery

An audience question asked whether she supported "the regulation of private sexual behavior." It was an apparent reference to statements she made in the mid-1990s opposing masturbation and pornography. O'Donnell espoused the anti-masturbation view on an MTV show promoting abstinence and in 1998 she wrote in a journal that viewing pornography was akin to adultery.

"That's personal!" an O'Donnell supporter shouted from the audience when the question was read. "It is personal," O'Donnell agreed, but she went on to answer it while not referencing any specific past positions.

"Those questions come from statements I made over 15 years ago," said O'Donnell, who is Catholic and known as a staunch social conservative. She called the years-old statements a result of her newfound faith & beliefs, which she has said previously she discovered sometime in college.

O'Donnell said while "my faith has matured," if she gets to Washington, she would be guided by "the Constitution" rather than her personal beliefs

Source: The Hill coverage of 2010 Delaware Senate debate Sep 16, 2010

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