State of Alabama Archives: on Tax Reform

Bill Hightower: Supports a flat tax for Alabama

Some businesses and individuals in Alabama will pay higher taxes. Hightower is one of them. He's run the figures on his own individual income taxes and expects to pay a little more. He simply sees the benefit to Alabama as greater than the increase in his personal taxes. "It will be simpler for everyone and the majority of Alabamians will experience a tax reduction. The people opposed to a flat tax are those who are only looking to see whether their individual tax bill increases or decreases."
Source: Birmingham News on Alabama Senate voting records May 10, 2015

Chris Countryman: Super-rich must pay their fair share

In favor of fixing tax loopholes that benefit the super wealthy and enforce legislation that requires them to pay their fair share in taxes. Big business, and the banking and loan industry, have been taking advantage of the working class citizens for way to long. Since the super-rich don't pay their fair share of taxes there is a lack of funding for some of the vital programs within the state.
Source: 2018 Alabama Gubernatorial website RethinkAlabama1 Sep 1, 2017

Chris Countryman: Supports targeted spending cuts and tax cuts

In favor of fixing tax loopholes that benefit the super wealthy and enforce legislation that requires them to pay their fair share in taxes. Big business, and the banking and loan industry, have been taking advantage of the working class citizens for way to long. Since the super-rich don't pay their fair share of taxes there is a lack of funding for some of the vital programs within the state. Countryman said he supports targeted spending cuts and tax cuts. "Attempt to evaluate which programs can have funding cuts in order to balance the state budget in order to provide funding for new tax cuts, infrastructure programs, job creation programs and educational programs," Countryman said.
Source: Dothan Eagle on 2018 Alabama gubernatorial race Sep 21, 2015

Doug Jones: End tax cuts & loopholes for wealthy

While our economy has recovered from the depths of the Great Recession, it has not done so equally and not for all. Americans should all have a place in this economy--and tax breaks or loopholes for the very rich hurt lower and moderate income families. They hurt especially hard in Alabama. It is unconscionable to talk about lowering taxes on the rich while cutting funding for education, nutrition, childcare, housing and infrastructure.
Source: 2017-2018 Alabama Senate website Aug 17, 2017

Doug Jones: Led bipartisan effort to repeal "military widow's tax"

Jones' effort to repeal the military widow's tax hit a snag. "I tried to force a vote, really just push a vote out on a bipartisan bill to repeal the military widow's tax, which currently has a record high 75 cosponsors." Jones said Senate leaders wouldn't allow an amendment to the defense authorization bill.

The so-called widow's tax is related to two military spouse survivor benefits. The survivor's benefit plan is basically a life insurance policy that families pay into and in the event of a death, receive monthly payments. If a military member dies in combat or with a cause related to a service injury or illness, the surviving spouse will get monthly payments from the dependency and compensation fund. If a widow gets both, the benefit plan payments are cut each month--by the amount they get from the compensation fund.

Source: WHNT-19 News on 2020 Alabama Senate race Jun 27, 2019

Gary Palmer: Raising taxes is not the answer

The federal government doesn't have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. Raising taxes is not the answer. I will not support a tax increase.
Source: 2014 AL-6 House campaign website, Sep 30, 2014

Gary Palmer: Repeal the death tax; adopt the FairTax

Q: Do you support lowering taxes as a way of promoting growth in the economy?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support providing tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation?

A: Not at the federal level, states can make their own decisions. At the federal level, I support cutting the corporate income tax rate, allowing businesses to expense capital purchases in the year they are made, cutting individual rates, cutting the capital gains tax, eliminating the double taxation of dividends, repealing the Death Tax and eventually adopting a FairTax.

Source: VoteSmart 2014 Alabama Congressional Political Courage Test Aug 30, 2014

Jeff Sessions: Bush tax cuts have helped the economy

Sessions says, "I've seen people in Mobile buy $5 worth of gas. That's all they had. It just drives home that this surge in gasoline prices is sucking out large amounts of our American wealth that they could otherwise be using on other things important to them."

Figures said people are "really finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. You hear that more than anything else--economy and gas prices."

"Look where we are. We went from a nation in the black to a nation in the red. Now we're up to trillions of dollars in the red," she said. "My opponent voted with the president 98 percent of the time."

But Sessions said the Bush tax cuts have helped the economy and he would vote to make them permanent. However, he broke with the Bush administration in voting against the financial bailout bill on Oct. 1.

Source: Associated Press on on 2008 Alabama Senate Debate Oct 11, 2008

Katie Britt: Signed pledge: will not support any tax increases

In a statement regarding her position, Britt pushed back against the lurch toward socialism. "I'm proud to be the first to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge as a candidate in this important Senate race," said Britt. "My pledge is simple: As Alabama's next U.S. Senator, I will not support any tax increases. Today, I'm calling on my opponent to join me in making this commitment to the people of our great state."
Source: Yellowhammer News on 2022 Alabama Senate race Aug 16, 2021

Kay Ivey: Cut taxes; reduce government

We have cut taxes on middle-class families, and we are shrinking government. Last year, I was very proud to sign into law the largest tax break for middle-class Alabamians in more than a decade! In turn, the total impact is projected to net $40 million dollars in savings for our taxpayers over the next decade. All of our efforts are centered on doing what is best and right for the people of our state--and that begins with protecting their hard-earned dollars whenever and however we can.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to the Alabama legislature Mar 6, 2019

Kay Ivey: Increased fuel tax strictly for infrastructure

Driving on rough roads costs the average Alabamian $507 dollars annually in additional vehicle maintenance--a total of $2 billion dollars statewide, each year! That is why we are proposing a 10-cent increase in Alabama's fuel tax. And I want to be crystal clear--this money will be scrutinized and watched over--every single penny. There will be strong accountability measures to make certain these monies are spent solely on transportation infrastructure. Period.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to the Alabama legislature Mar 6, 2019

Kay Ivey: Online sales tax means no need for raising income tax

Thanks to the online sales tax that was implemented in 2017, our state's receipts remain in the black despite an extremely challenging year for retail. And instead of talking about raising taxes, one of the first bills I want the Legislature to pass is a measure that will ensure everyone who received CARES Act dollars will not pay one penny in state income taxes on that relief.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to the Alabama legislature Feb 2, 2021

Lynda Blanchard: Slovenians can't live with 50% taxes, we don't want that

Living in Slovenia where the taxes are 50 percent, "They can't get into see a doctor. If 50 percent is going to the government there is nothing left to live on. That is what we don't want."
Source: AL Political Reporter on 2022 Alabama Gubernatorial race May 12, 2021

Marcus Bowman: Income taxes are not a solution; reduce spending

Q: Do you support or oppose the policy, "Higher taxes on the wealthy"

A: Income taxes are not a solution. We need to reduce spending in America and start controlling our debt.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Jan 21, 2016

Robert Bentley: Supports flat tax structure for state income taxes

Source: Alabama 1998 National Political Awareness Test Nov 1, 1998

Robert Bentley: Freeze property taxes for homeowners

Bentley entered politics in 1998, but lost a state Senate race by 57 votes. Four years later he handily captured a seat in the state House of Representatives. He advocated for conservative causes, such as lowering taxes and he was the driving force in revising the state's organ donor laws. Never known as a rhetorical firebrand, Bentley opted for a low-key, mild-mannered style. He was reelected in 2006 and in his second term introduce a constitutional amendment to freeze property taxes for homeowners.
Source: Almanac of American Politics on 2018 Alabama Governor race Oct 5, 2015

Ron Crumpton: Higher taxes on the wealthy

Q: Do you agree or disagree with the statement, "Higher taxes on the wealthy"?

A: Strongly supports.

Source: Email interview on 2016 Alabama Senate race with OnTheIssues Nov 26, 2015

Roy Moore: Replace income tax with tax on goods and services

I believe in the reduction of taxes at all levels, and a need to reform the tax system by studying and implementing a "flat tax" or a "fair tax," which is a tax on goods and services purchased instead of a tax on income.
Source: 2017-2018 Alabama Senate campaign website Aug 31, 2017

Stacy Lee George: New lottery will raise money at low cost

I plan to implement an Alabama lottery based off the framework of the Georgia lottery. Upon implementing a lottery, Alabama will be able to enjoy a major increase in small business commissions, job creation stimulating from potential major vendor contracts, increased taxed revenue, and most importantly scholarship and education money. We will utilize staff in Montgomery in various departments that are already being paid but "not working".
Source: 2018 Alabama Governor website Aug 17, 2017

Stacy Lee George: Modest changes can ease tax burden

Change the re-appraisal of property from every year to every FOUR years. Eliminate the grocery tax by replacing it's revenue with savings from the Department of Corrections Budget.
Source: 2018 Alabama Governor website Aug 17, 2017

Tim James: Repeal 2019 gas tax, eliminate grocery sales tax

We will work to repeal the gas tax passed in 2019 and to eliminate the sales tax on essential groceries. We must never tolerate misuse of hard-earned taxpayer money, nor tolerate under-performance by any office or division of the State of Alabama. We need to make state government leaner and more efficient from top to bottom and to deliver tax relief for the working families of Alabama.
Source: 2022 Alabama Governor campaign website Feb 24, 2022

Tommy Tuberville: Trump tax cuts & economic policies have been a success

Thankfully we have a President who thinks like we do: lower taxes create jobs and less spending reduces the size and scope of the federal government. After eight long years of a declining economy, we are now seeing record job growth across the board and the lowest unemployment rates for Veterans and African-Americans in history. President Trump's tax cuts and economic policies have driven this success - and I will join in the fight and support our President as we continue to grow our economy.
Source: 2020 Alabama Senate campaign website, Jan 12, 2020

Walt Maddox: Make Alabama's tax structure less regressive

Alabama's regressive tax structure problems involves more than just its income tax. Powerful land owners have successfully lobbied to keep property taxes low. This causes an unhealthy dependency on income, sales, and other taxes, which are not distributed according to wealth or ability to pay. Once Alabama is ready it will be possible to enact revenue neutral tax reform that distributes the burden of operating state and local governments in alignment with how wealth is distributed.
Source: Alabama Policy Institute on 2018 Alabama Gubernatorial race Mar 9, 2018

Yolanda Flowers: Push for a lottery, to fund education

Because Yolanda is fervently pushing for the lottery, Alabama can enjoy many benefits. The lottery will provide revenue for many expanded programs and help the needs of the state.

When we focus our attention on supporting our own lottery, we will gain much. Our money will go to funding our education, making it possible for our children to attend in-state universities and community colleges. Our children will have a reason for staying in Alabama and giving back. Our infrastructure will not be neglected anymore because we will have the money to pay for more staff. Our police departments will be able to hire more officers. Broadband will be accessible to all rural counties and small businesses.

Yolanda also proposes raising the minimum wage in the state of Alabama to $15 dollars per hour. Alabamians deserve at least a living wage.

Source: 2022 Alabama campaign website Sep 22, 2022

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