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Bob McDonnell: Strongly opposes federal Card Check legislation

We need to send a clear message that Virginia is open for business, with a pro-free enterprise climate that stands out because of low taxes, incentives for job creation, limited and sensible regulation, a predictable litigation climate, and a fiscally sound and efficient government that lives within its means. We must also recognize that our strong Right to Work law is a powerful magnet for business investment in Virginia and an essential tenet of worker freedom. It is now in real danger as a result o federal proposals like Card Check, which would deny the secret ballot to workers and replace contract negotiations by businessmen with binding arbitration by bureaucrats. To ensure that new jobs continue to come to Virginia, Bob McDonnell will defend our pro-free enterprise Right to Work Law, the cornerstone of our economic prosperity. And Bob will strongly oppose "Card Check" legislation at the federal level and fight to keep Virginia the best place in America to do business.
Source: 2009 VA Gubernatorial campaign site, Nov 3, 2009

Bob McDonnell: Strong support for Virginia's Right to Work law

As Governor, Bob McDonnell will implement broad initiatives to help create new jobs in the Commonwealth in the years ahead.
Source: 2009 VA Gubernatorial campaign site, Jul 21, 2009

Tom Perriello: Guarantee a living wage and secure retirement

Tom will fight to ensure that all hard-working Americans are guaranteed a living wage and secure retirement. Parents should have time to spend with their families instead of having to work multiple jobs just to put food on the table. Tom will end the practice of giving tax breaks to companies that take American jobs overseas and will make sure that corporations and CEOs are held accountable for their actions. Tom's number one priority is economic REVIVAL for the 5th district.
Source: 2008 VA House campaign website Nov 1, 2008

Jim Gilmore: Warner’s police endorsements come from unionization promise

Warner was endorsed by about 30 law enforcement officials as well as the Virginia Police Benevolent Association & the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police. Gilmore suggested that Warner’s endorsements were motivated by his support for a bill that would allow public safety officers to unionize. Gilmore warned law enforcement officers supporting Warner that “there will come a time if Mark Warner is elected to the Senate and we have public employee collective bargaining, when you will have to explain to your community why you supported a man who helped unionize your sheriff’s department.“

The legislation in question would provide a form of collective bargaining activity for public safety employees. But, according to a Warner spokesman, it ”explicitly says there’s no right for public safety workers to strike.“

Source: 2008 VA Senate debate reported in The Roanoke Times Sep 19, 2008

Jim Gilmore: Oppose making it easier to organize labor unions

Gilmore said he would support retaining President Bush’s tax cuts and pursuing the war in Iraq to completion. He also would oppose efforts to make it easier to organize a labor union.
Source: 2008 VA Senate debate reported in Washington Post Sep 19, 2008

Mark Warner: Gilmore opposed helping Tultex, despite Assembly’s support

RHETORIC: Warner: “In Southside, even when the legislature wanted to provide extra economic benefits [to displaced Tultex workers], [Gilmore] wouldn’t...”

Gilmore: “That’s a mischaracterization of what I did with the Tultex people in Southside.”

REALITY: The legislation would have paid for health insurance for the unemployed workers, including 3,300 Tultex Corp. employees in Henry County who lost their jobs when the giant sweatshirt maker declared bankruptcy. Gilmore said he had no choice but to veto the assembly’s plan, describing it as a “health care benefit entitlement, but only for displaced textile workers in the Martinsville area.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/20/00]

Taking their cue from Gov. Gilmore, Republicans kept legislation to help unemployed textile workers bottled up in committee. The bill had bipartisan support before Gilmore weighed in. [One legislator] said. “There’s only one person who is diametrically opposed to this, and he’s the governor.” [AP, 2/12/00]

Source: 2008 VA Senate Debate: analysis by Warner campaign Jul 19, 2008

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