Matt Mead in 2017 Governor's State of the State speeches

On Budget & Economy: We used rainy day fund for rainy days; now make guidelines

Preparation for leaner times has two hallmarks, conservative budgeting and savings. Past and present leaders have wisely done both. Regarding savings, the State has $1.59 billion in the LSRA, the rainy day fund, and nearly $7.4 billion in the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund. These funds have grown substantially during my time in office. The rainy day fund, of course, is named for rainy days like those we've been experiencing these last couple of years. It's raining. This fund has allowed us to get through a rough revenue patch, and can do so in the future. Last session our spending from the rainy day fund helped smooth our budget and provide necessary services. Questions remain about the rainy day fund and its use. I continue to believe we need additional guidelines on the use of this fund that would set parameters and provide our citizens of local governments a better opportunity to refine their budgets by knowing what is the rainy day fund for, and when will it be used.
Source: 2017 State of the State address to Wyoming Legislature Jan 11, 2017

On Energy & Oil: $10M prize for making a useful product from captured CO2

We not only want to be the energy state in terms of production, we want to be the energy state in terms of innovation, and we can be. The carbon initiative looks at building an industry around CO2. This means investing in advanced energy technologies and innovation. Integrated Test Center under construction now at the Dry Fork Station in Gillette is part of this effort. The relationships we fostered with XPrize has now put together a $10 million prize for the team that can figure out to how to capture that CO2 but not only capture it but use it to make it a useful product. This has not only brought attention in Wyoming to how we help further coal, but around the country.

It's very important to have that innovation here in Wyoming. An industrial park project for value-added energy products, that is uses beyond extraction, is also a part of the carbon initiative.

Source: 2017 State of the State address to Wyoming Legislature Jan 11, 2017

On Environment: Improve Endangered Species Act: only 1% ever got delisted

Among 11 new initiatives, we're working to make changes in the Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act was passed in 1973. Since 1973, all the species listed, a little over just one percent have ever been delisted. It needs help. As chairman of the Western Governors Association, my initiative was to get the western states on board to change and improve the Endangered Species Act, and as you can be aware, all western states don't have the same politics as Wyoming has. While we worked together with outdoor groups, with environmental groups, we put together a proposal, and I'm pleased to say in June of last year Western Governors voted unanimously for improvements to the Endangered Species Act. We're now going to take it to the National Governors Association, and we're going to take it to Congress. It's time to make improvements to the Endangered Species Act.
Source: 2017 State of the State address to Wyoming Legislature Jan 11, 2017

On Gun Control: New initiative for public shooting ranges

We are now and shall always be a proud ag state. We have great wildlife in Wyoming. We have great respect for the Second Amendment. And when you combine all these assets together, it's no surprise that hunting, firearms and shooting sports are part of Wyoming's history and heritage. We want to keep these traditions and pass them on to future generations, and that we want to share an enjoyment of sporting life with others. With this in mind I announce a new initiative for public shooting ranges and shooting competitions.

The Wyoming firearms industry, an important component of manufacturing, continues to grow. Our world class companies manufacture handguns, precision rifles, silencers, optic, sights, and other firearm accessories. Take, for example, Magpul, recently selected by the United States Marines as the exclusive supplier of magazines for combat use. Isn't that incredible news for a Wyoming company to supply our US Marines?

Source: 2017 State of t