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Books by and about 2016 presidential candidates
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Crippled America ,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)
American Dreams,
by Marco Rubio (2015)
Taking a Stand,
by Rand Paul (2015)
by Scott Walker (2013)
A Time for Truth,
by Ted Cruz (2015)
One Nation,
by Ben Carson (2014)
Trump/Pence vs. Clinton/Kaine On the Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Living History ,
by Hillary Rodham Clinton (2003)
Between Hope and History ,
by Bill Clinton (1996)
In Harmís Way ,
by Dr. Jill Stein (2000)
Democrat vs. Republican vs. Green vs. Libertarian,
Four Party's Presidential Nominees On The Issues (2016)
Books by and about 2012 presidential candidates
Ten Letters
about Pres. Barack Obama (2011)
Do Not Ask What Good We Do
about Rep. Paul Ryan (2012)

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Survey of 2015-2016 House campaign websites

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    Brian Mast: Defend life at every stage.
    Darren Soto: Women have a right to control their own bodies.
    Francis Rooney: Cherish and respect life.
    Jim Banks: Unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Fight against defunding Planned Parenthood.
    Matt Gaetz: Ban taxpayer-funded abortions under ObamaCare.
    Nanette Barragan: Don't force views of men in Congress on women's bodies.
    Neal Dunn: Fight for the sanctity of life.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Consistent supporter of a woman's right to choose.
    Ro Khanna: All women should have access to birth control and abortion.
    Roger Marshall: Opposes any efforts to use taxpayer funding for abortions.
    Stephanie Murphy: Defend rights of women to make family planning decisions.
    Warren Davidson: Defend religious liberty & the lives of the unborn.
    Trent Kelly: Planned Parenthood is breaking the law; defund them.
    Darin LaHood: Cherish life & protect unborn children.
Budget & Economy
    Brian Mast: Balance budget & overhaul federal spending caps.
    Francis Rooney: $20 trillion dollars national debt is a national disgrace.
    Matt Gaetz: Balance budget by cutting spending & reforming entitlements.
    Nanette Barragan: Balance business interests and jobs for our communities.
    Neal Dunn: Cut excessive regulation; rein in wasteful spending.
    Ro Khanna: Entrepreneurial Nation: programs to grow businesses.
    Roger Marshall: Get government out of the way, to allow prosperity.
    Warren Davidson: Spend less on fewer and more focused programs.
    Darin LaHood: Rein in $18 trillion in government spending.
Civil Rights
    Darren Soto: Embrace our proud LGBT community.
    Jim Banks: Let businesses express traditional religious values.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act for gender pay equity.
    Nanette Barragan: One of America's greatest injustices is gender pay inequity.
    Ro Khanna: Ensure full equality for LGBTQ Americans.
    Stephanie Murphy: Equal pay for equal work.
    Stephanie Murphy: Fight to strengthen LGBTQ rights.
    Warren Davidson: Fight for marriage between one man and one woman.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Shift tax breaks for wealthy financiers to small businesses.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: $15B for small business creation incentives.
    Ro Khanna: Flexibility on R&D taxes & startup businesses.
    Tom O`Halleran: We should have nailed out the American Family, not the rich.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Systemic problems in judicial system affect people of color.
    Val Demings: Improve relationships between police & community.
    Dan Donovan: Fight relentlessly against cuts to law enforcement.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Opioid abuse blights our nation; more funds to fight it.
    Brian Mast: Replace Common Core with school choice.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: New College Compact: free tuition for 10 hours weekly work.
    Matt Gaetz: Allow opt-out of Common Core; abolish Dept. of Education.
    Nanette Barragan: Free-to-low-cost education for college or trade school.
    Nanette Barragan: Public education is a right--not a privilege for the wealthy.
    Neal Dunn: Stopping Common Core is the first step.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: 4-point plan for affordable college.
    Ro Khanna: More funding for K-12, pre-K, STEM & STEAM.
    Ro Khanna: More federal grants & more local students for UC.
    Salud Carbajal: Lower interest rates for government-backed student loans.
    Stephanie Murphy: Invest more in early childhood and pre-K education.
    Tom O`Halleran: We're falling behind others; make education a priority.
    Tom O`Halleran: Improving public education should always be a top priority.
    Tom O`Halleran: Invest in our community colleges, including job training.
    Val Demings: Equal access to quality education regardless of zip-code.
    Val Demings: College for all without facing crushing student loan debt.
    Dan Donovan: Give parents more school choice; repeal Common Core.
Energy & Oil
    Brian Mast: Climate change regulations threaten economic growth.
    Darren Soto: Dramatically reduce our carbon emissions.
    Nanette Barragan: Climate change is an urgent environmental problem.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: The time for America's clean energy future is now.
    Ro Khanna: Environmental threat means opportunities for green energy.
    Ro Khanna: Expand tax credits for solar power & plug-in hybrids.
    Salud Carbajal: Tackle carbon pollution as strategy to combat climate change.
    Stephanie Murphy: Smart investments in green energy, not offshore drilling.
    Darren Soto: Named Champion of the Everglades by Audubon Florida.
    Francis Rooney: Stop release of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee.
    Matt Gaetz: Environmental regulations are job-killing overreach.
    Nanette Barragan: Fight to protect public health from big corporate polluters.
    Ro Khanna: Promote open space and sustainable agriculture.
    Roger Marshall: Puddles are not wetlands; ditches are not navigable streams.
    Salud Carbajal: Preserve huge open spaces for future generations to enjoy.
    Stephanie Murphy: Strong advocate for clean air and water.
    Tom O`Halleran: Fund stewardship of our parks and forests.
    Val Demings: Endorsed by League of Conservation Voters.
    Trent Kelly: Rein in unelected bureaucrats at the EPA.
Families & Children
    Neal Dunn: Protect traditional faith-based family values.
    Stephanie Murphy: Start by strengthening families.
Foreign Policy
    Brian Mast: Aggressive NATO response to Russian expansionism.
    Jim Banks: Defend US national interests; disappointed in Iran nuke deal.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Promote our exceptional standing with active diplomacy.
    Stephanie Murphy: Call out anti-Israeli bias in the United Nations.
    Dan Donovan: Stand by our allies in a volatile world.
Free Trade
    Darren Soto: Free trade is a nice theory, but oppose NAFTA & TPP.
    Ro Khanna: Trade agreements fair to U.S. workers & environment.
    Stephanie Murphy: Fairer and smarter trade deals, not TPP.
    Tom O`Halleran: Protect American jobs; prevent currency manipulation.
Government Reform
    Francis Rooney: Pledges to serve no more than eight years in Congress.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Overturn Citizens United decision by amending Constitution.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Institute same day voter registration.
    Lou Correa: Use double postage to ensure absentee vote is counted.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Campaign finance reforms to enable citizen participation.
    Ro Khanna: Push back on Citizens United with online campaign disclosure.
    Roger Marshall: Low voter turnout results from politicians not listening.
    Stephanie Murphy: There is too much money in politics.
    Stephanie Murphy: Wholesale review of all overly-burdensome regulations.
    Tom O`Halleran: Limit the influence of campaign donations & lobbyists.
    Trey Hollingsworth: Politicians should learn to earn money outside of government.
    Trey Hollingsworth: I believe in term limits.
Gun Control
    Brian Mast: Right to defend ourselves is God-given.
    Darren Soto: Stand up to the gun lobby.
    Francis Rooney: Protect and defend the Second Amendment.
    Jim Banks: Right to responsible gun ownership is under attack.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Stand up to the NRA to close gun loopholes.
    Matt Gaetz: One of the most pro-gun members of the Florida Legislature.
    Neal Dunn: Protect the 2nd Amendment.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Common-sense gun laws, plus fund gun research.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Expanded real-time background checks.
    Roger Marshall: Make sure 2nd Amendment rights are never infringed upon.
    Salud Carbajal: Keep guns away from those who pose a danger.
    Stephanie Murphy: Elect pro-LGBTQ candidates who support sensible gun reforms.
    Stephanie Murphy: Advocate for commonsense gun security laws.
    Stephanie Murphy: No fly, no buy: no guns for people on terrorist watch list.
    Warren Davidson: 2nd Amendment ensures every citizen the right to bear arms.
    Darin LaHood: Staunch advocate for 2nd Amendment and right to bear arms.
Health Care
    Brian Mast: Repeal and defund ObamaCare.
    Darren Soto: Supports ObamaCare Medicaid expansion in Florida.
    Francis Rooney: Fight to end the disaster known as ObamaCare.
    Jim Banks: ObamaCare is ill-conceived takeover of healthcare.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: ObamaCare is not perfect, but it is a huge step forward.
    Matt Gaetz: Replace ObamaCare with a fiscally responsible system.
    Neal Dunn: Full and immediate repeal of ObamaCare.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Let Medicare negotiate prices for prescription drugs.
    Ro Khanna: ACA is a good start; improve ObamaCare.
    Roger Marshall: Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor caring.
    Stephanie Murphy: ObamaCare has helped millions but should be reformed.
    Tom O`Halleran: Fight replacing Medicare with a voucher scheme.
    Warren Davidson: Ending Obamacare is past due, with free-market solutions.
    Dan Donovan: Keep positive aspects of ObamaCare, but reform the rest.
    Darin LaHood: ObamaCare is an abomination; use market-based replacement.
Homeland Security
    Brian Mast: Treat every veteran as the most important vet ever.
    Brian Mast: Maintain world's most prepared strongest military.
    Francis Rooney: Voice for American strength, so our enemies know to fear us.
    Jim Banks: Rebuild American greatness; make our military mighty again.
    Matt Gaetz: $3 million to fund "Building Homes for Heroes.
    Matt Gaetz: Oppose any automatic cuts to defense spending.
    Nanette Barragan: Advocate for veterans to receive comprehensive benefits.
    Neal Dunn: Help veterans with housing and health care issues.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Ensure our military has resources to carry out its mission.
    Ro Khanna: Right to be free from warrantless metadata collection.
    Ro Khanna: Expand support for service members & their family members.
    Roger Marshall: Ensure that our military installations are fully funded.
    Salud Carbajal: Make sure veterans receive the support they need.
    Tom O`Halleran: Let veterans go outside VA hospitals, on VA's dime.
    Warren Davidson: Equip our military for victory, and fix the VA.
    Dan Donovan: Fight for resources to be protected from terrorism.
    Trent Kelly: Investigate wait time manipulation at VA hospitals.
    Darin LaHood: America's national security threats are real.
    Brian Mast: We need a high wall with a wide gate.
    Darren Soto: DREAMers pay in-state tuition & have pathway to citizenship.
    Francis Rooney: Controls our borders, immediately.
    Jim Banks: No amnesty; deport criminals; enforce existing laws.
    Matt Gaetz: Secure the border and enforce our laws.
    Nanette Barragan: Comprehensive reform instead of fences and deportation.
    Neal Dunn: Stop debating; stop amnesty; stop illegal immigration.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Supports DREAM Act and path to citizenship.
    Ro Khanna: Give DREAMers a pathway to citizenship.
    Roger Marshall: Spend what is necessary to secure our southern border.
    Stephanie Murphy: Supports DREAM Act & comprehensive immigration reform.
    Tom O`Halleran: Support the DREAM Act and broad consensus on reforms.
    Warren Davidson: Secure our borders; create invulnerable immigration process.
    Dan Donovan: Secure our borders.
    Nanette Barragan: Raise minimum wage & demand pay equity for women.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Raise federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.
    Ro Khanna: Make it easier to file equal-pay lawsuits.
    Ro Khanna: Raise the minimum wage to $15.
    Salud Carbajal: Raise minimum wage, so full time work is not poverty.
    Tom O`Halleran: Increase minimum wage; ensure equal pay for women.
    Val Demings: Retain good-paying jobs offering livable wages.
    Darin LaHood: Remove tax & regulatory barriers to job creation.
Principles & Values
    Trey Hollingsworth: I believe in Christian family values.
    Warren Davidson: Activist judges/deteriorating culture marginalize Christians.
Social Security
    Brian Mast: Update system to protect future generations.
    Darren Soto: Strengthen and expand Social Security; don't cut it.
    Lisa Blunt Rochester: Fight any attempt to privatize Social Security and Medicare.
    Matt Gaetz: Keep our promises but pass reforms for long-term solvency.
    Nanette Barragan: Never gamble Social Security benefits on Wall Street.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Entitlements are under attack on ideological grounds.
    Ro Khanna: Protect the retirement age; apply COLA increases.
    Ro Khanna: Scrap the cap: same rate for earnings over $250K.
    Salud Carbajal: Strongly oppose privatizing Social Security or Medicare.
    Stephanie Murphy: Privatization gambles seniors' benefits on Wall Street.
    Tom O`Halleran: Protect Social Security dangerous privatization schemes.
    Val Demings: Protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors.
Tax Reform
    Brian Mast: Lower the tax burden & stimulate the economy.
    Jim Banks: Estate tax is an anti-growth policy.
    Matt Gaetz: Voted to repeal 4,000 regulations and to cut taxes 50 times.
    Ro Khanna: Rewrite antiquated tax code that stacks the deck.
    Ro Khanna: Our tax policy benefits the top 1% of Americans.
    Stephanie Murphy: Close special interest loopholes that protect super wealthy.
    Tom O`Halleran: End millionaire exploitation of tax loopholes.
    Warren Davidson: Work aggressively for a simpler, flatter tax code.
    Dan Donovan: Cut taxes that are killing jobs and economic growth.
    Brian Mast: 100% against All Aboard Florida: no more trains.
    Raja Krishnamoorthi: Modernize transportation with federal infrastructure bank.
    Ro Khanna: $900M to extend BART to Silicon Valley.
    Stephanie Murphy: Strong, robust infrastructure including broadband.
    Tom O`Halleran: Invest in roads, bridges, and water infrastructure.
    Dan Donovan: Build bus and light rail to reduce commute.
War & Peace
    Brian Mast: Defeat global jihadists who threaten our very way of life.
    Brian Mast: Renew Iranian sanctions after Obama's Iran Deal.
    Jim Banks: Military sanctions against Iran.
    Matt Gaetz: Meet force with force against ISIS.
    Nanette Barragan: Too many soldiers lost in unnecessary wars.
    Neal Dunn: Terrorism must be confronted in the Middle East.
    Roger Marshall: Apply "peace through strength" to fight terrorism.
    Stephanie Murphy: Do not allow regime in Tehran to acquire a nuclear weapon.
    Stephanie Murphy: ISIS & Hezbollah pose serious threats to U.S. interests.
    Warren Davidson: Respond to radical terrorism with lethal force, not the FBI.

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