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Democratic Senate Challenger; previously Governor


Never, ever risk Social Security with privatization

Q: In 18 years, when the Social Security Trust Funds run out of money, you'll be 76--your benefits could be cut by as much as $7,500 per year. What would your administration do to prevent this cut?

KAINE: First, we're going to protect Social Security, which is one of the greatest programs that the American government has ever done. It happened at a time when you would work your whole life, raising your kids, working, and then you would retire into poverty. And Social Security has enabled people to retire with dignity and overwhelmingly not be in poverty. We have to keep it solvent. And we will keep it solvent. And we'll look for strategies like adjusting the payroll tax cap upward in order to do that. Here's what Hillary and I will not do: We will never, ever engage in a risky scheme to privatize Social Security. Donald Trump wrote a book and said Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and privatization would be good for all of us.

PENCE: Well, , there they go again.

KAINE: Go read the book!

Source: 2016 Vice-Presidential Debate at Longwood University , Oct 4, 2016

Fight against any privatization proposals

On Social Security, Allen suggested a gradual age adjustment for people younger than 50, meaning a longer wait before being able to receive benefits. Allen also wants an income level component, which would limit how much wealthier people receive.

Kaine asked Allen if he would finally agree that privatizing Social Security was a bad idea. Allen stated that in addition to his age and income adjustment proposals, he would be looking for new options for people to provide for themselves in their retirement years. Kaine countered that he believes Allen still agrees with supporting the privatization of Social Security. Kaine said he would fight against that proposal.

Source: WSLS-TV-10 on 2012 Virginia Senate debate , Oct 18, 2012

Lift the payroll tax cap

On Social Security, Allen said he favors raising the retirement age and eliminating Social Security benefits for "people making a million dollars." Kaine said he wants to lift the payroll tax cap--which would force wealthier people to pay more into the system.
Source: Washington Post coverage of 2012 Virginia Senate Debates , Jun 28, 2012

No dangerous privatization schemes for Social Security

All four GOP candidates said Social Security should be preserved, but outlined different approaches to keeping the trust fund solvent. Allen said he would oppose tax increases, but consider other options, such as increasing the retirement age for future recipients born after the 1960s. Radtke said individuals should have private alternatives to Social Security.

Kaine's campaign said the debate underscored clear differences between the Democrat and Republican hopefuls. A Kaine spokeswoman said, ""The approach the Republican candidates advocate would devastate federal investments in education, defense, and infrastructure that bolster and grow Virginia's economy. Their calls for dangerous privatization schemes for Social Security and Medicare would jeopardize a generations-long guarantee of retirement security.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot on 2012 Virginia Senate debate , Apr 29, 2012

Adamantly opposes privatization of Social Security

I oppose efforts to privatize Social Security because they would leave our seniors vulnerable to volatile markets, and many such proposals would also directly remove funding from Social Security. We have to have programs that people can count on as they contemplate their retirement years. Instead of talking about dismantling Social Security, I will work to find common ground on reforms and adjustments that preserve the long-term integrity of the program.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, www.kaineforva.com , Apr 25, 2012

Make Social Security work for today's seniors and future

Tim continues to be a strong supporter of Medicare and Social Security and is committed to making these critical programs work for today's seniors and future generations. On the 49th anniversary of the signing of Medicare, Tim spoke about the importance of the program, calling it "one of the best programs that this nation has ever embraced" and praising reforms included in the Affordable Care Act that helped improve the solvency of Medicare. Tim believes Congress should focus on finding ways to make Medicare work better for seniors while saving costs, which is why he supports efforts to lower prescription drug costs that are impacting patients, health care providers, and American taxpayers. As a member of the Senate Aging Committee, Tim has focused on issues impacting seniors across Virginia, including protection from scams and abuse.
Source: Virginia 2012 Senate campaign website KaineForVA.com , Feb 29, 2012

Rated 100% by ARA, indicating a pro-Trust Fund stance.

Kaine scores 100% Alliance for Retired Americans

Scoring system for 2014: Ranges from 0% (supports privatization and other market-based reforms) to 100% (supports keeping federal control over Trust Fund and Social Security system).

About ARA (from their website, www.RetiredAmericans.org):

The Alliance for Retired Americans is a nationwide organization, founded in May 2001, with now over 4.2 million members working together to make their voices heard in the laws, policies, politics, and institutions that shape our lives. The mission of the Alliance for Retired Americans is to ensure social and economic justice and full civil rights for all citizens so that they may enjoy lives of dignity, personal and family fulfillment and security.

Source: ARA lifetime rating on incumbents of 113th Congress 14_ARA on Jan 1, 2013

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