Roseanne Barr on Principles & Values

Peace and Freedom Party nominee for President


Make the presidential game less crooked

Q: Did you ever expect the woman that stepped onto `The Tonight Show' stage almost 30 years ago to be running for President?

A: Absolutely! Ever since I was a little girl I've had a deep yearning to lead and bring a huge change into the world. Just because you have a Messiah Complex doesn't mean you can't do Messianic work and bring change on a grand scale. Let's ALL be saviors and healers and march together! I'm running for President because I figure you have to start somewhere. Even Presidents have to play ball but I want to make the game less crooked.

Q: Have you always been interested in pursuing a political career, or is this Presidential campaign a response to your disappointment with the current state of America?

A: Yes! I come from a very very political family-politics were always important from childhood.

Source: Shalom Life (Jewish Toronto News) interview , Oct 4, 2012

Lesser of two evils is a false choice

Q: You had a major hit television program. Do you really want to be elected president of the United States?

A: Yes. I'm very, very serious. I say I'm the only serious comedian in the presidential race. And I'd like to take this opportunity to ask both Romney and Obama to debate me. Because I think that the American people are being given a false choice, because the choice between the lesser of two evils is a false choice. It's not an actual choice.

Source: 2012 Presidential interview on Fox News "Hannity" , Sep 24, 2012

We do need a little bit more socialism in America

Q: You're running as a socialist?

A: Well, I'm running on the Peace and Freedom Party. I do think we do need a little bit more socialism in this country. We need to move stuff from the top to the middle and the bottom, because it keeps on staying at the top. How you build the middle class is bring stuff from the top down to the middle. And people deserve something back for the taxes they pay.

Source: 2012 Presidential interview on Fox News "Hannity" , Sep 24, 2012

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