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Smart bank regulation necessary to protect people

Q: In your book, you said that, unfortunately, we decided to deregulate during the 1990s and that paved the way for the economic meltdown in 2008. That sounds similar to some of the Democrats.

CARSON: Well, certain types of regulations. Glass-Steagall was a reasonable regulation after what happened on Wall Street in 1929, because the banks were playing with people's cash. And then in the '90s, we took the teeth out of that and we started thinking maybe men were angels. But what we have done instead is we've just ballooned the number of regulations. And every single regulation costs in terms of goods and services. And who is hit most? Poor people and the middle class.

Q: So would you re-impose Glass-Steagall?

CARSON: With some modifications. We certainly need to make sure that we don't have out-of-control credit default swaps and all kinds of funny money going on. We need to make sure that we protect the people. And that's what the regulations are for.

Source: ABC This Week 2015 interview by Martha Raddatz , Oct 18, 2015

Tithing teaches about not hoarding as capitalist greed

Greed can manifest itself within the capitalist system. Unfortunately, however, greed is a significant drawback for ANY economic model, including communism and socialism. No one can justify ascribing a flaw in human character to one economic model or another, for greed is a human weakness seen in all societies.

In the Bible, God instituted a system of tithing, which meant giving 10% of one's profits back to God. Since God is all powerful and owns everything, he certainly does not need any percentage of our profits. So why did he institute tithing? Could it be that he understood that all human beings are subject to greed and that by requiring them to give away 10% of their profits they might learn a valuable lesson about not hoarding and about voluntarily sharing with others?

Source: America the Beautiful, by Ben Carson, p. 68 , Jan 24, 2012

Highest corporate tax rate causes highest national debt

Our corporate tax rate is the second highest in the world. The only country with a higher corporate tax rate is Japan, which just so happens to also be the only country with a greater national debt than we have. Is that coincidence or evidence of cause and effect? I suspect the latter. By being shortsighted and greedy, our government is driving businesses to other countries, which deprives our people not only of jobs, but our government of vital income. If a low proportional tax rate is applied to everyone, including corporate entities, the flow of jobs and income would be into our nation rather than out of our nation. This is not complex economic theory, but rather common sense.
Source: America the Beautiful, by Ben Carson, p.122 , Jan 24, 2012

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