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Excerpts from Books by and about 2008 candidates
Sen. John McCain (R, AZ)
Why Courage Matters
Sen. Barack Obama(D, IL)
Dreams From My Father
Sen. Joe Biden (D, DE)
Promises to Keep
Gov. Sarah Palin (R, AK)
New Energy for Alaska
Rep. Bob Barr (L)
The Meaning of IS
Rep. Cynthia McKinney (G)
Green Party Debate
Ralph Nader (I)
The Good Fight
Alan Keyes (NAIP)
Our Character, Our Future

Sen. Hillary Clinton
It Takes A Village
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Gov. Mike Huckabee
Character Makes A Difference
Amb. Alan Keyes
Our Character, Our Future
Rep. Ron Paul
Freedom Under Siege
Gov. Mitt Romney

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Democratic Health Care Forum in Las Vegas, sponsored by Nevada Democratic Party, the Center for American Progress, and SEIU (Service Employees International Union)

   Bill Richardson: Treatment & education over enforcement & incarceration.
   Bill Richardson: Eliminate junk food in schools; statewide smoking ban.
Families & Children
   Chris Dodd: Add illness leave to Family and Medical Leave Act.
Government Reform
   Mike Gravel: Institute healtharereforms by people’s National Initiative.
Health Care
   Barack Obama: Employers are going to have to pay or play.
   Barack Obama: Need political will to accomplish universal coverage.
   Barack Obama: Address minority health needs by more coverage & targeting.
   Bill Richardson: All Americans need same coverage as members of Congress.
   Chris Dodd: Extend Medicaid to poorer families.
   Chris Dodd: All Americans need same coverage as members of Congress.
   Chris Dodd: Examine healthcare in context of income, education, & jobs.
   Dennis Kucinich: HR 676, Conyers-Kucinich bill, establishes Medicare for all.
   Dennis Kucinich: Break the hold of the insurance companies.
   Dennis Kucinich: Competition between insurers only drives up profits.
   Hillary Clinton: 1990s healthcare reforms laid groundwork for today’s reforms.
   Hillary Clinton: Insurers must fund prevention without preexisting conditions.
   Hillary Clinton: Require electronic medical record for all federal healthcare.
   John Edwards: Dysfunctional health care system needs bold, dramatic change.
   John Edwards: Universal coverage makes US business more competitve abroad.
   John Edwards: Not possible to get universal coverage without raising taxes.
   John Edwards: Job-based insurance can be accomplished, not single-payer.
   Mike Gravel: Doctors do a lot of testing today to cover their backsides.
   Mike Gravel: Single-payer health care plan via vouchers you can add to.
   Mike Gravel: Real reform impossible under mercantile lobbying system.
   Mike Gravel: Reforming employer-based system keeps historical accident.
   Mike Gravel: Vouchers provide freedom of choice and perhaps public plan.
   Mike Gravel: President has role to energize people for preventive health.
   Mike Gravel: Phase out Medicare and Medicaid over time.
Homeland Security
   Bill Richardson: Hero’s health card gives veterans access anywhere, anytime.
   Bill Richardson: Reorder priorities: shift $400B from war to human needs.
   Bill Richardson: Legalization plan, not this stupid wall being proposed.
   Barack Obama: Burdens of globalization are placed on the backs of workers.
Principles & Values
   John Edwards: In it for the duration, despite wife’s breast cancer.
   Mike Gravel: Let the people decide: Solution is with you, not leaders.

The above quotations are from Democratic Health Care Forum in Las Vegas, sponsored by Nevada Democratic Party, the Center for American Progress, and SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

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